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With our FB API you can retrieve different information from social media page FB like posts, comments and comment replies. Each request is a realtime request and returns always the most recent data without any database in between.

About Axesso:
Axesso - Data Service is your service provider in the area of data and API. We provide our customers with valuable real-time data and thereby create a significant added value and competitive advantage. All endpoints we offer can be accessed via Rest API and integrated into your application within minutes.

Whether e-commerce or social media, we provide data from different providers. Everything started with our Amazon API a few years ago. Whether product details, search, reviews or other content, we prepare the data for you and make it available in a uniform JSON format. In recent years, other APIs have joined our catalog, such as Walmart, Alibaba, Expedia, Zalando and many more. We are also very happy to develop new interfaces for our customers.

Learn more about our service on our website or find out how it works in our documentation Feel free to contact us:

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