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PDFier - PDF Stamping Overview

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Protect your PDF files from copy with our intuitive API in minutes. Add a text stamp to each pages of your PDF files with your customers details to avoid the files from being copied and shared everywhere.

Another common use for PDF stamping is stamping license keys or codes to a PDF. Then the buyer can print out the PDF and take it to a store or restaurant where the code can be used for a discount.

To start adding a stamp to each pages of your PDF files, simply follow these steps :

  1. Send a POST request to the RapidAPI route following the example from the “Endpoints” tab
  2. Add the required parameters to your POST requests. There are currently 2 parameters, file_url and stamp_text
  3. For the file_url parameter, enter the URL of your original PDF file and for the stamp_text parameter, enter the text you want to add to each page of this PDF file
  4. Send your POST request : you should get a “success” response with your new stamped PDF file as the response parameter called pdf_url
  5. You are done!

If you need more help using the API or to integrate it in your projects, feel free to contact me directly from this form.

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