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Beeminder API Documentation

It's reminders with a sting! Or, goal-tracking with teeth. Mind anything you can graph — weight, pushups, to-do tasks completed — by replying with data when Beeminder prompts you. Or connect with a service (like Fitbit) to report automatically. We plot your progress on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal. Keep all your data points on the road and Beeminder will always be free. Go off the road and you (literally) pay the price.

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POSTCancel a scheduled step down
POSTStep down a goal’s pledge
POSTUpdate a yellow brick road
User Resource
GETGet information about a user
Charge Resource
POSTCreate a charge
Datapoint Resource
POSTCreate a datapoint
POSTCreate multiple datapoints
DELETEDelete a datapoint
GETGet all the datapoints
PUTUpdate a datapoint
Goal Resource
POSTCreate a goal for a user
GETGet information about a goal
GETGet all goals for a user
POSTShort circuit a goal's pledge
PUTUpdate a goal for a user
POSTCreate a goal for a user

Create a new goal for user u.


See https://www.beeminder.com/api#auth to get your auth token. This authentication pattern is for making API calls just to your own Beeminder account.

Header Parameters
Code Snippet
Install SDK

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication