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An Amazon data API for real-time data scraping for all regional marketplaces. | Telegram Support: / @bernardko | Custom Plans Available

An Amazon data API for real-time data retrieval for all regional marketplaces. Our data provides a great foundation for new and existing application to build from. We use the same IDs and keys used on Amazon which allows easier integration of data from other APIs and allow data portability. Data formats are kept consistent across all endpoints where applicable for easier data processing.

Added the Product Summaries API Endpoint. This endpoint makes it easy to grab a list of basic product data in bulk. Ideal for updating and tracking product buy box price, availability and ratings data. Also easy to use with spreadsheets.

Data Features

  • Data provided in default language of all regional marketplaces.
  • Amazon Categories - Bulk request for category node_ids available for all regions.
  • Product Summaries - Bulk request for basic product data such as buy box price, availability and rating. Designed to be easy to use with spreadsheets such as Google Sheets.
  • Product Details - More product details including all images, associated category node_ids, variant info, product properties and comparison tables.
  • ""Product Reviews** - Get product reviews listing by ASIN. Filter reviews by reviewer type, format type, media type and keyword. Sort reviews by helpful and recent.
  • Product Offers - Get precise product offer listings by location using zip/postal codes. (Available for regions that allow setting location.)
  • Advanced Search - Narrow down your keyword search down using Amazon category node_ids which allows searching for every category and not just the broad top level categories.
  • Product Rankings - Get up-to-date listings of the Amazonโ€™s rankings such as best sellers, new releases, movers and shakers, most wished for and most gifted using our endpoints by category node_id or by department.

Custom Plans
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