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Face Recognition API Overview

Detect, analyze, recognize and compare faces, create your own face databases or use provided public ones. Detect gender, age, expression, ethnicity, adult content, 22 + 101 facial landmarks and 40+ face attributes. Generate average faces.

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Face Recognition API features

  • Detect faces and 22 + 101 facial landmarks,
  • Compare faces, create and search faces inside your own persons databases (namespaces).
  • Detect faces age, gender, expression, ethnicity
  • Detect faces attributes, geometrical properties and colors, including clothes colors and hairstyle.
    Attributes include: 5oclock shadow, arched eyebrows, attractive, bags under eyes, bald, bangs, beard, big lips, big nose, black hair, blond hair, blurry, brown hair, bushy eyebrows, chubby, double chin, glasses, goatee, gray hair, heavy makeup, high cheekbones, mouth open, mustache, narrow eyes, oval face, pale skin, pointy nose, receding hairline, rosy cheeks, sideburns, straight hair, wavy hair, wearing earrings, wearing hat, wearing lipstick, wearing necklace, wearing necktie, young, chin size, color clothes middle, color clothes sides, color eyes, color hair, color skin, eyebrows corners, eyebrows position, eyebrows size, eyes corners, eyes distance, eyes position, eyes shape, glasses rim, hair beard, hair color type, hair forehead, hair length, hair mustache, hair sides, hair top, head shape, head width, mouth corners, mouth height, mouth width, nose shape, nose width, teeth visible
  • Detect images NSFW(adult) content
  • Video processing coming soon!

Start by calling one of the media POST endpoints - media (upload image as URL or Base64 encoded image file) or media_file (upload image as a multipart/form).
Build your own persons databases for search using person endpoint or try searching in databases provided by Betaface: [email protected] - 40000+ faces of famous people
[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] - 3016703 faces from wikipedia

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