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Hello I want To Purchase Your API Plan BUt

7 years ago

I want to show exactly same scoreboard like this website “

On my website ! Is it possible with your api ?

dev132 commented 7 years ago

Yes you can do

dev132 commented 6 years ago

Due to some internal problems we no longer support this API. We are happy to provide a new API to be used by developers and are looking forward to seeing what innovative and useful apps might result. The new version of the API is available at Pricing is same as the current API. We kindly request you to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

New API provides following new features:

Batting wheel-> provides the detail of each shot scored by each batsman

Graph -> can be used to draw the Manhattan chart, Total Runs chart and Run Rate Chart

Match Live Scores & Highlights

Series Details

Player Details

Team Details.

Images of Logos

PS : current API is not supported & will be discontinued after 1 month.

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