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rohit-shah4 years ago
Does it work for NSE also? Or just BSE?I just tried with BSE scrip ID and works great but not sure how I can fetch companies listed in NSE? Any help?
kiranmac1233 months ago
Is this api will provided NSE / BSE stocks list, search, company details, live market, other details like moneycontrol mobile app?
arb932 years ago
I am interested in real time/ otherwise data for both BSE and NSE. Please contact me at: [email protected] 9903245466
Maven262 years ago
I am interested in getting the following data - Get daily, weekly historical data of BSE stocks - Get Options minute by minute (Nifty, BankNifty, StrikePrices) data [email protected] 8805009835. Let me know the pricing also. I am developing a technical andriod app for which I need historical data.
debsush2 years ago
I think I know which link is the API pinging under the hood (wink wink). However, I am interested in some custom premium package. Please contact me [email protected]
ravinder_reddy3 years ago
Hi i am also intersted in nse data and fno please send me the details my mail id:[email protected]
kmrsg74 years ago
i am also interested in nse data and fno data kindly send me the details my email id : [email protected]
rohit-shah4 years ago
Yes I am interested in NSE data as well as FNO quotes if that too is possible. Please send me the premium package pricing and we can go from there. My email ID: [email protected]
blaazetech4 years ago
as of now we are only offering BSE data, if you need others, we can offer custom premium packages, drop your contact information below and one of our representative will reach you back.
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