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SMAS BitcoinTalk.org API Documentation

Hello and welcome. This is SMAS. We're back and ready to do this.

Who and what are you?
We're a community effort started by signature campaign managers. Initially, the idea came from yahoo62278.
We want to connect accross different campaigns and fight spam on this forum together. We're looking for better communication and better organisation in this matter.

We also try to improve situations around campaigns in other ways, one example for this would be the Campaign Ettiquette, which is maintained by yahoo and supported by all members of SMAS. We expect users to take a look at it and try keeping up to it.

Currently, the following users are a part of the SMAS light beta team:
Lutpin (yours truly), yahoo62278, Lauda
As we want to keep it to a core team, we currently won't be enlarging by taking up any more managers.

SMAS is currently running in it's light beta phase. During this, we will release a set of 4 lists, a blacklist of each manager, and a combined SMAS light blacklist.
(So far, the lists for Lauda and yahoo are available, the list for Lutpin is upcoming and a temporary combined list is online aswell.)

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