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BlipADeal Worldwide Deals API Documentation

The Blip-A-Deal API allows you to utilise our database of over 6 million daily deals and coupons annually from over 14 countries around the globe. We currently have a presence in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

You can find deals based on free text, keyword, categorisation and location. The Blip-A-Deal API will make it easy to find deals that are geographically close to where you are, deals in a selected location and can even find deals that match certain free text criteria. For countries that dont have english as their primary language, translations are also provide for native and english languages.

There are different ways to invoke the API so to find out more information about the API and to gain access please visit http://www.blipadeal.com/dev-api-home. If there are any bugs, problems or any general feedback please feel free to let us know

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GETGet all categories given a city and country
GETGet all cities with deals given a country
GETGet all countries that have deals
GETGet closets locations with deals by country and city
GETGet closets locations with deals by lng and lat
GETGet deals based on category and location
GETGet deals based on location
GETGet deals based on location and keywords
GETGet recommended category based on free txt
GETGet all categories given a city and country

This function will get all the categories given a city and a country. The list of countries can be obtained from /apigetcountryurl and the list of cities can be retrieved from /apigetlocationurl

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