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Top 9 Best Stock Market APIs (for Developers) [2020]

Whether you’re building a algorithmic trading prediction app or charting historical stock market data for various ticker symbols, a finance or stock market API (or data feeds) will come in handy,

In this API roundup, you’ll find some of the top financial APIs to get real-time stock quotes. Some APIs may provide data available in CSV formats.

What is the best stock market data API?

After reviewing over 73 stock market data APIs, we found these 8 APIs to be the very best and worth mentioning:

Our Top 8 Best Stock Market APIs for 2020

Yahoo Finance Best for Stock Market Data Connect to API
Alpha Vantage Best for
Historical Stock, FX, Crypto & More
Connect to API
Morningstar Best for
Stock Fundamentals, Splits, Dividends & More
Connect to API
Finnhub Real-Time Stock Price Best for
Real-time Data for Stock, Forex, & Crypto
Connect to API
Stock and Options Trading Data Provider Best for
US Stocks and Options
Connect to API
Investing Cryptocurrency Markets Best for
Tracking Cryptocurrency Prices & Exchange Rates
Connect to API
Bloomberg Market and Financial News Best for
Indices, Commodities, Currencies, Futures, & More
Connect to API
Zirra Best for
Stock and Company Timeseries
Connect to API

Our Top Picks for Best Stock Market APIs

1. Yahoo Finance

The official Yahoo Finance API was deprecated/discontinued, but there’s an unofficial API available on RapidAPI that provides all the data you see on Yahoo Finance.

The API has multiple endpoints that provide data such as:

  • Financials
  • Options
  • Analysis
  • Historical Data
  • Statistics
  • Charts
  • Newfeeds
  • Timeseries
  • Balance Sheets
  • and more

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Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage provides a API service for realtime and historical data on stocks, forex (FX), and digital/cryptocurrencies. The API is available for consumption on RapidAPI.

See all the API endpoints and documentation here.

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Morningstar, Inc is a global financial services firm that provides investment research services.

Their API allows developers to query common stock fundamentals, technical indicators, trading strategies, and other data from the Morningstar website transformed into convenient JSON format.

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Finnhub Real-Time Stock Price is another stock market website that provides a real-time RESTful API and Websocket for Stocks, Currencies, and Crypto.

With this API, you should be able to access realtime data from 60+ stock exchanges, 10 forex brokers, and 15+ crypto exchanges. We also provide realtime news for company, equity, forex and crypto markets. Alternative and reference data for global companies can also be retrieved through our API.

Stock and Options Trading Data Provider

This Stock API provides data for US listed stocks and ETFs through a RESTful service. This is a cloud based API with a simple interface returning data in JSON format.

The API has 2 endpoints:

  1. Options
  2. Straddle

Investing Cryptocurrency Markets

The Investing API (provided by APIDojo) allows developers to access stock data for cryptocurrencies and markets. This API is ideal for tracking price changes and exchange rates.

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Bloomberg Market and Financial News

Bloomberg Markets is a magazine published six times a year by Bloomberg, which delivers business and markets news, data, and more.

Their API provides data about Indices, Commodities, Currencies, Futures, Rates, Bonds, and more.

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Zirra is a tech-based, business intelligence company that uses artificial intelligence to produce cutting edge alternative data products.

The Zirra API allows developers to search for more than 100 time series signals for 16,000 Public Companies and receive up-to-date, historical data dating back to 2014. Tangible and decision-impacting observations surrounding ESG signals, media sentiment, employee data and much more, direct to your system.

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Summary: Best Stock Market APIs for Developers

API Main Functionality Popularity Score Latency Success Rate
Yahoo Finance Stock Market Data 9.9/10 1891ms 96%
Alpha Vantage Crypto, Forex, and Stock data 9.7/10 1333ms 100%
Morningstar Common stock fundamentals, splits, dividends, daily prices, & more 9.5/10 938ms 93%
Finnhub Real-Time Stock Price Real-time stock data 9.8/10 99ms 100%
Stock and Options Trading Data Provider Options and Straddle 8.8/10 1064ms 100%
Investing Cryptocurrency Markets Crypto Stock Data 6.3/10 2598ms 100%
Bloomberg Market and Financial News Indices, Commodities, Currencies, Futures, and more. 9.4/10 2272ms 94%
Zirra Company timeseries 8.7/10 322ms 100%

What’s Next?

Comment below: Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the best stock market API for financial data?

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Complete List of the Best Finance & Stock Market APIs

  • Crypto Asset Tickers – Brave New Coin spot price tickers and currency conversion for 500+ crypto assets.
  • Yahoo Finance – Yahoo Finance API helps to query for all information about finance summary, stocks, quotes, movers, etc… as on official website.
  • Finnhub – Realtime Stock Price – We provide API for realtime stock data, forex and crypto. Register for FREE API key here:
  • Investors Exchange (IEX) Trading – The IEX API is a is a free, web-based API supplying IEX quoting and trading data.
  • Currency Converter – Provides exchange rates based on the official banks data.
  • Alpha Vantage – The simplest and most effective way to receive both realtime and historical stock, FX, technical indicators, cryptocurrency, and sector performance data. Constantly ranked number one for ease of use, accuracy, and price. See the documentation. Start now for free.
  • Morningstar – Financial data for over 50,000 stocks on over 50 exchanges. Download conveniently formatted financial statements in one convenient API call! Query major exchanges for common stock fundamentals, splits, dividends, daily prices and assorted metadata as per the Morningstar website.
  • Latest Mutual Fund NAV – API provides latest NAV information of all mutual funds in India from Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI). The database will update as soon as data is updated on AMFI.
  • Bloomberg Market and Financial News – These APIs helps to query for all information about Indices, Commodities, Currencies, Futures, Rates, Bonds, etc… as on official website.
  • Breaking News – MyAllies News delivers real-time news and stock pricing from across the globe and information on the latest breaking business and financial news.
  • Hryvna Today – Exchange rates from Hryvna Today
  • Currency – Accurate and reliable currency exchange rates for over 150 currencies
  • Coinranking – Data about all cryptocurrencies and exchanges.
  • Morning Star – Morning Star API helps to query for all information about finance summary, stocks, quotes, movers as on official website.
  • Currency Value – Get fast and reliable price conversion values.
  • CurrencyScoop – CurrencyScoop is a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade REST API which provides real-time , daily and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies and precious metals, delivered in a JSON format and compatible with any application, framework or language. The CurrencyScoop Forex data powers currency converters, mobile apps and back-office systems around the world.
  • Option Chain – The Option Chain Data API is developed by Inter Data Limited to provide real-time Options and Stock data for United States listed options. The data is provided in easy to consume JSON format through RESTful API. The data covers all expirations dates of a listed options.
  • Stock and Options Trading Data Provider – No. 1 rated U.S listed stock and options data provider with the lowest cost. The cloud based API has a simple interface and return easy to consume data in JSON format.
  • Financial Modeling Prep – Financial Modeling Prep API is a Financial statements API, a Free stock API and a historical quotes API. More docs on :
  • Crypto Asset Market Data Unified APIs For Professionals – FREE API key -> <- 100s of pairs. Websocket & REST API. SDKs. Rich historic tick data for crypto currencies & exchanges..
  • Quandl – The premier source for financial, economic, and alternative datasets, serving investment professionals. Quandl’s platform is used by over 400,000 people, including analysts from the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks.
  • kuponiko – Be first to get the coupons that get posted online.
  • Current Precious Metal Price – This API can be used to get the current price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in US dollars per troy ounce.
  • – Integrate a ledger layer enabling asset accounting or closed-loop payments between your users or IoT devices.
  • SEC Filings – A collection of methods that returns various financial data for a requested company including SEC Filings, balance sheets, financial ratios , company look-up utilities and more.
  • Thailand National Lottery – Thai National Lottery results, check the Thai National Lottery here as soon as the numbers are drawn.
  • Blockchain Info – Plaintext query api to retreive data from
  • AwesomeAPI Exchange – Cotação de Moedas
  • Path. Cryptocurrency. – One interface to retrieve transactions across crypto exchanges and wallets. Create your own Coin Trackers, Portfolio Managers and more.
  • Mortgage Payments – A simple API to calculate monthly mortgage payments, including principal and interest; taxes; homeowners insurance; and mortgage insurance.
  • Zirra – Zirra makes non-traditional data usable for investors to reduce risk, increase return and boost overall educated decisions. Billions of data points, thousands of sources processed daily, powered by AI.
  • Global Ethereum Price Index – GEX – Ethereum Price Index supplied by BitcoinAverage
  • Tradematic Cloud – Back-end infrastructure for building investment and trading apps. Build your MVP for free. Scale it to full-featured app, when you have real traction. All you need to do is customize your front-end.
  • Investing – Cryptocurrency Markets – These APIs provide data of all cryptocurrencies, markets, ideal for tracking prices and exchange rates.
  • Taxee – MEET TAXEE
  • Simple Currency Conversion – Quick currency converter using IMF and bank data
  • Fidelity Investments – Query for quote data, market movers, international markets, sector performance, orders, chart, and news
  • Global Bitcoin Price Index – GBX – is proud of the fact that we were the first global price index in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and have proven over the years to also be one of the most reliable. It is considered by most as the de facto standard bitcoin price index.
  • vatlayer – Vatlayer is a simple REST-based JSON API offering instant EU VAT number validation, VAT compliant price calculations and VAT rates for all 28 current member states of the European Union. Its system is secured by HTTPS and focused on ease of use & integration, delivering all VAT data in lightweight and highly portable JSON format.
  • EUR Risk Free Rate – Complete euro yield curve with one query
  • Currency Quake – Provides Access to the statistical strength of all 8 major currencies, across 28 Forex pairs and on 4 different time frames.
  • FinsentsAPI – Equity news sentiment for smarter investment decisions. News Sentiment is derived from millions of web sources. It helps tracking the volume of information published for a given company, and its degree of positiveness or negativeness. Can be used as input for predicting stock prices.
  • Bitcoin Historical Price Data – is proud of the fact that we were the first global price index in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and have proven over the years to also be one of the most reliable. It is considered by most as the de facto standard bitcoin price index.
  • Find Bin Numbers – Verify BIN numbers to assist with fraud prevention or customer verification in your projects.
  • Free Currency Converter by Hajana One – Hajana One API will help developers to convert strings to other currency which is required. Its totally free no any charges will be charged.
  • BitcoinAverage Historical Data – BitcoinAverage is an open source project designed to provide weighted average bitcoin price calculation. It utilises all exchanges where price and volume data is available.
  • – delivers guaranteed Tax Rates, GST Rates and VAT Rates via REST API.
  • Coinmill Currency – JavaScript API for powering currency exchange rates on websites.
  • Comparing Differences Between Two Lists – List comparer is an easy and convenient API to compare two lists for finding out common, duplicate or unique entries.
  • Value Research Online for Finance Market – An open API to get mutual funds information available through
  • QuoteAPI – This api provides analytics on Stock Prices. Stock prices are curated from Yahoo Finance; and Machine Learning is used to evaluate the stock.
  • Bank BSR Codes – India – Find BSR (Basic Statistical Return) Codes of all banks in India either through branch address or BSR Code.
  • Domestic Money Transfer For Indian Bank – APIScript Developer is Secured Domestic Money Transfer API Provider in India. IMPS money transfer limit is 75000 per month per mobile. Using our api you can instant money transfer to beneficiary Account. Easy integration with high Security with SSL features Money transfer api works for all bank who is accept IMPS/NEFT/AUTO.
  • Stockvider end of day historical data – EOD prices and volume. Stockvider provides free of property rights raw data and technical analysis data. Stockvider covers more than 4000 US equities from NYSE and NASDAQ. Visit our website for more information.
  • CLLAX – Cllax – Advice, resources and tools for starting a small business. Information on getting finance, business planning, hiring, IT, marketing and much more. ( )
  • IP2Currency – IP2Currency Exchange Rate Web Service provides the user with an easy way to get a localized & latest Currency Exchange Rate based on the visitor’s IP address.
  • FinanceCalc – Implements common financial calculations: Amortization, CAGR, CI, DF, FV, IRR, XIRR, LR, NPV, PP, PV, PI, ROI, R72, WACC, PMT, Inflation-adjusted Return
  • EuroMillions – Euromillions results – Tuesday and Friday Euromillions Results. Check the Latest Euromillions Results here as soon as the numbers are drawn.
  • BAG Krankenkassenprämien-Daten 2019 – Restful Webservice Schnittstelle auf die Krankenkassenprämien-Daten 2019 herausgegeben von dem schweizer Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG
  • Mutual Fund Historical NAV – India – Get Historical Net Asset Values (NAVs) of any mutual fund in India registered with the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI).
  • Abnormal Volume Calculcator – This API calculates abnormal trading volumes and test statistics following the scientific method ‘event study methodology’
  • The Currency Cloud – Embed the Currency Cloud API to deliver comprehensive international payment and remittance services to your clients.
  • Company Search – Quickly search 45,000+ companies (listed or unlisted) by name or ticker. Company Id is widely used on other APIs.
  • Abnormal Volatility Calculator – This API calculates the abnormal volatilities following the scientific method ‘event study methodology’
  • Dogechain – The API of the Dogecoin blockchain – get info on an address and current network statistics.
  • SEC Refinery – Parretir’s SEC Refinery API provides cleanly parsed full plain text from SEC filings.
  • Find BSB Numbers – Provides information about BSB numbers, such as Bank Name, Address, GEO coordinates.
  • bitcoinwhoswho – Bitcoin Address Checker API returns any scam reports on a given BTC address.
  • Armatic – Armatic gives automation insights, increases efficiencies & more revenue.
  • CurrencyAPI – Get current currency exchange rates for over all currencies.
  • Daneel – Newscuration and Market sentiment on the Blockchain market
  • Market Cycles – Analyze dominant cycles in stock market
  • Dinero Sabio – Spanish Finance API
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