How to Document your API

Documentation is an essential part of any API, and this is what we're going to create in this article. For…

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How to Monetize Your API

APIs power more and more parts of web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps today. An API, also called "Application…

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Top 10 Best Social Media APIs (for Developers in 2020)

Other Social Media APIs Twitter Facebook LinkedIn  

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How to Find Historical Weather Data using RapidAPI

Since so many real-world activities depend upon the weather, it is not a surprise that many data science and web-based…

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API Testing: Testing APIs with RapidAPI for Teams

Introduction Let's face it; testing is tedious. But ask passengers of a Boeing 737 class airline if software testing is…

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How to Use Amadeus Travel A.I. APIs

Amadeus is one of the leading IT providers for the global travel industry. Every year, the company's data center in…

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How to Collaborate, Share, & Test Internal APIs

RapidAPI Teams for sharing APIs APIs are being used across many organizations today.  They can be applied to separate data…

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Top 15 Python REST API Frameworks in 2020

Part of the reason for this is its focus on readability and the ease of learning. Therefore in the case…

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Top 8 Best Barcode & UPC APIs

Special optical scanners, or barcode readers, will check certain barcodes. The Barcode Lookup API is a simple API to lookup…

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