News API

The News API tracks the most comprehensive set of important news sources, and integrates social signals from thousands of top business influencers. Over 100,000 sources are scanned each day.

You're in good company

RapidAPI has a strong developer community with over a million developers and a growing list of enterprise customers.

Search News By Keyword

Search trending news by search term and get results from over 100,000 news sources (scanned each day).

Extremely fast and simple API

Simple API with a single endpoint to search for news.

Rich Data

Get the most recent and trending news stories with URLs, titles, excerpts, sources, images, and more.

Use Any Programming Language

RapidAPI supports Code Snippets for your preferred coding language.

Choose the perfect plan

RapidAPI partners directly with API providers to give you no-fuss, transparent pricing. Find a plan that best matches the scale you need for your application.



Per month

For individuals who just want the essentials to get started quickly



Per month

For professionals who require more volume for their application



Per month

For professionals who work on larger scale applications



For businesses who need high volume, production-level use

Newslit News API

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