Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go API Documentation

API that is dedicated to various machine readable data about Pokemon Go.

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GETPokemon Stats
GETPokemon Candy to Evolve
GETPokemon Buddy Distances
GETRaid Exclusive Pokemon
GETNesting Pokemon
GETPokemon Maximum CP
GETShiny Pokemon
GETAlolan Pokemon
GETFast Moves
GETPokemon Names
GETCharged Moves
GETReleased Pokemon
GETWeather Boosts
GETPokemon Encounter Data
GETPokemon Types
GETPossible Ditto Pokemon
GETPokemon Types

All Pokemon have either one or two types, these types affect the strength of moves and weaknesses it has to opponents moves. This API lists the types of each Pokemon. Returns a JSON array where each element is a dict containing type (an array of one or two items), Pokemon ID,...

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