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Validate Email Addresses using Bulk Email Checker’s RESTful API. The service provides 97% accuracy which is the highest in the industry and can remove invalid syntax, invalid domain dns, invalid mx dns, disposable addresses, role accounts, spam traps, honey pots, blacklists, catchalls, greylisting, mailbox full and mailbox does not exist.

Status=“passed”- A passed response is an address that has passed all tests.
–Event=“mailbox_exists”- The address provided passed all tests.

Status=“failed”- A failed response is an address that has failed 1 or more tests.
–Event=“mailbox_does_not_exist”- The address provided does not exist.
–Event=“mailbox_full”- The mailbox is full.
–Event=“disposable_address”- The address provided is a disposable email address.
–Event=“invalid_syntax”- The address provided is not in a valid format.
–Event=“role_account”- The address provided is a role account.
–Event=“domain_does_not_exist”- The address provided does not have a valid dns.
–Event=“mxserver_does_not_exist”- The address provided does not have a mx server.

Status=“unknown”- A unknown response is an address that can not be accurately tested.
–Event=“is_catchall”- Is a Catchall mx server config.
–Event=“is_greylisting”- Greylisting is active on this server, please try again in a few minutes.
–Event=“suspect_greylisting”- Greylisting is suspected to be active on this server, please try again in a few minutes.
–Event=“inconclusive”- The address provided can not be verified at this time.

Status=“error”- A error response is an integration error
–Event=“invalid_email”- No email provided in request.

The API can remove anything that may bounce and hurt your sender score, we help you keep your accounts in good standing with the ESP’s and email campaigns going to inboxes instead of spam boxes.

Lets face it, people misspell their email addresses and are completely unaware of it, resulting in a delivery failure due to a bounce or maybe even a spam complaint and you also just lost a potential customer for your business. What’s very interesting is most of these invalid email addresses are a result of simple misspelled domains such as “hotmail.con”, “”, “yahoo.cmo”. Integrating the API into your website or application can prevent these issues from ever happening by alerting the user there was an error and that they have entered an invalid email address.

Integrating the Bulk Email Checker Email Validation API to verify emails that are signing up to your account creation, opt-in forms, or any other place at the point of capture can instantly decrease your confirmation email bounces by 50%+.

1,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.00295 @ $2.95
5,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.00119 @ $5.95
10,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000995 @ $9.95
25,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000958 @ $23.95
50,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000899 @ $44.95
100,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.00075 @ $74.95
250,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.0006 @ $149.95
500,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.00056 @ $279.95
750,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000467 @ $349.95
1,000,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.00041 @ $409.95
2,500,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000276 @ $689.95
5,000,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.0002 @ $999.95
10,000,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000178 @ $1,779.95
25,000,000 Email Validations - 1 email = $0.000132 @ $3,299.95

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