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cloudwire Short Code SMS MMS API Documentation

The cloudwi.re short code API is a robust messaging API for compliant USA based short code SMS/MMS applications and further supports international SMS to nearly every country in the world. No long or short codes are required. For international SMS, cloudwi.re utilizes local match long codes in over 45 countries. The developer utilizes our pool of shared codes to transact SMS. clouwi.re is a premier Twilio partner.

An application is required describing your use case along with a separate authorization token. Mention you found us on Rapid API and receive a $25 testing credit. Pricing is consumption based similar to Twililo….however, there are additional charges for keywords such as text CLOUDWIRE to 345345. The application is here: http://cloudwi.re/apply/application/?developer=Yes

• 5 USA supported short codes.
• Compliant out of the box. cloudwi.re manages STOP/HELP replies and blocks messages to opted-out subscribers.
• Take advantage of up to 225 messages per second short code messaging throttle
• Smart Queuing for low message latency
• Higher USA deliverability with long code backups on short code delivery failures or unsupported short code carrier.
• Create ad campaigns in seconds by creating custom keywords on two memorable short codes. (444999 and 345345)
• Unlike competitors, build natural language SMS decision trees using guaranteed 2-way short code messaging.
• Avoid threading concurrent requests and use our batch messaging calls for campaigns to send 5,000 SMS in one API call.
• Send messages to anywhere in the world without managing long codes.

Much of what you'll have to handle programmatically in any SMS application is automated by cloudwi.re For in depth guides check out our mashape docs at https://cloudwire.gelato.io. We schedule use case calls all day and every day to walk you through what API methods you need to save you time. Don't be a stranger!

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Delete Keyword Cloudwi.re-cloudwire store Delete Keyword Examples (0) This method allows the developer delete a keyword from a store and remove it from any future billing to your cloudwi.re account. Subscribers who used the keyword will see no change in their opt-in status. A...

Header Parameters

Your cloudwi.re access token.

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