Top Air Quality APIs

List of air quality APIs to measure air pollution and health.

About this Collection:

What are Air Quality APIs?

Air Quality APIs can be used to measure carbon monoxide, air pollution, and air quality index. Retrieve current, forecasted, and historical data. Use these APIs for monitoring levels of major air pllutants from various data sources. Stay healthy by getting hourly data from multiple open APIs to see which areas are at greater risk for heart and lung disease (especially for older adults).

Best Air Quality APIs for Software Developers

The best air quality APIs include:

Are Air Quality APIs Free?

Pricing varies depending on the API. In this collection, all of the APIs are free or freemium. Freemium APIs are free for a limited number of API calls, and then require a monthly subscription for a higher volume.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs act like building blocks, and allow you to create applications much faster. It is more efficient and convenient to use the capabilities of one of the APIs than to try to independently implement similar functionality. See a simple API example here.

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