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Barcode API

About barcode APIs

A barcode API is an application programming interface that integrates barcode processing in mobile applications to create and read one and two -dimensional barcodes. They help mobile to detect barcodes in real-time on any device regardless of the orientation landscape or portrait.

How barcode APIs work

A barcode detector builder is used to check the context for which you want to use the barcode. It looks for the major types of barcodes automatically and selects the best format for your context. Nonetheless, should you wish to choose a given format, the detector has a set format method to allow you to do so. The API stores a number used as an ID when looking for data about a particular item.

When a barcode is detected, a barcode graphic object is returned, allowing data access. Data kind of data returned could be an address, calendar date and time, calendar event, contact information, driver’s license, email, geo-point, person’s name, phone, SMS, WIFI, or URL bookmark of the item.

Barcode API Users

Developers use barcode recognition APIs in the manufacturing, shipping, wholesale, retail, and supply chain industries to create efficient barcode scanning applications.

Importance of Barcode APIs

i. No extra Application Required.

Barcode APIs help developers incorporate barcode recognition capabilities in their applications without necessarily building or downloading a third-party application for this function. Users do not have to use a different application to access information, but they have to point their camera on the barcode or QR code and are directed to the intended link.

The feature has become helpful, especially in the social network platform where users do not want to miss an update or want to use the information sent to their mobile device in their desktop project.

ii. No Contact Required

Barcode recognition APIs help the applications to detect barcodes without needing contact automatically. The contactless solution is vital to avoid contamination from surfaces, particularly with the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

iii. Ease in Data Manipulation

APIs help users to be quick in data sharing. Customers can scan the code and share information about defective products with the manufacturers very easily without looking for the serial numbers and product information manually. Manufacturers’ creation of codes is faster, and exporting the lists through the copy and paste option to their database is easier and quicker.

What to expect

The API works in real-time and is efficient. Therefore, a user should expect to reduce the amount of time spent and the elimination of errors during product verification.

Examples of free barcode APIs are the Barcode. Monster API, Barcode Generator, and Free Spire.

Best Barcode APIs

Here are some of the most popular barcode APIs on RapidAPI we thought were worth mentioning:

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs act like building blocks, and allow you to create applications much faster. It is more efficient and convenient to use the capabilities of one of the APIs than to try to independently implement similar functionality. See a simple API example here.

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