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Top Text Analysis APIs available on RapidAPI.

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NLP and text analytics have come a long way. Software and REST APIs today can not only read text but also extract entities, relationships, facts and even detect emotions. Imagine the applications you can build with powerful text analysis. With RapidAPI's text analysis APIs your app can easily implement text mining, text classification, language detection, text comparison, text summarization, sentiment analysis, and entity extraction without any expenditure on machine learning infrastructure.

How does text analysis work?

Text analysis is the automated process of obtaining information from text. It is often used to extract and classify information from text blocks, social media (tweets, facebook), tickets, product info/reviews, surveys, and more. Companies or developers may want to extract information to gain detailed analysis such as sentiment analysis and language detection.
Text analysis and natural language processing APIs are crucial in automating this work.

Who uses text analysis software?

Large companies, data scientists, and developers tend to use text analysis software to extract specific information and structured data (or unstructured) from large pieces of text documents or blocks to gain insights into their text analytics.

Why is analyzing text important?

Analyzing text is important because it will help save time and provide insights you may not have seen if you're analyzing data manually.

RapidAPI Text Analysis APIs

All APIs listed in this collection can be used in your favorite programming language or SDK. Explore all the endpoints and test them individually to get JSON responses.

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