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Brave New Coin API

BraveNewCoin APIs

BraveNewCoin API is an application programming interface that provides an analysis of market places, indexes on market rates, and quick access to historical data on cryptocurrency. They also display exchange data, allow conversions between digital currencies such as brave coin while obtaining markets for assets.

How do BraveNewCoin APIs work?

The BNC API works by receiving requests for information on aggregated market prices, which are available on summaries of different datasets. These datasets contain historical data, which are availed whenever a user initiates a request. The API interacts with AssetTicker by initiating calls to access OAuth. It also sends a call for a given market’s unique identifier before getting feedback from the API endpoint.

Once this process is completed, the BNC API gives back a response using HTTPS codes based on whether the request succeeded or failed. The responses may range from success, server errors, or indicate that a given component is missing.

Who is BraveNewCoin API for?

The BNC API is useful for customers who require market information to find arbitrages and track the markets. Risk managers also find this API useful as they seek to understand the risks that the assets carry in order to minimize chances of loss and maximize profits. The third group of individuals who find the API beneficial are the analysts and portfolio managers. This group uses different metrics to gain information for holdings’ construction and diversification of assets while analyzing historical data.

Why is BraveNewCoin APIs important?

  1. The APIs aid in easy and quick access to market data.
  2. They provide reporting and data tracking capabilities
  3. They provide digital currency conversion such as brave coin capabilities to the users
  4. IT provides both global and market-weighted averages for easier decision making

What you can expect from Brave New Coin API

BraveNewCoin APIs allow a user to access information about assets by using the asset’s unique identifier, retrieve market information, and list information on exchanges that were once created. A user also has the benefit of retrieving ticker information based on a given market and exchange. Access to the OHLCV (open, high, low, close, and volumes) is also availed for both the market-weighted averages and the global weighted averages.

Are there examples of free Brave New Coin APIs?

BNC APIs that are free in this category include the Digital Currency Tickers, which provides accurate price indexing. Crypto Market Intraday Reference Rates API is also free with a limit of 600 requests in a month. When this limit is exceeded, the charges are $0.0001 for every additional request.

Best Brave New Coin APIs

  1. BraveNewCoin
  2. Crypto Asset Market

Brave New Coin API SDKs

All Brave New Coin APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

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