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Use this list of flight data APIs to incorporate real-time or historical flight information into your app or website.

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The Best Flight Data APIs

The Google Flights API (QPX Express API) is no longer available. Don't worry because there are many Google Flights API alternatives available on the RapidAPI Marketplace, including APIs like Skyscanner, Flight Bookings, & Laminar Flight data. With these APIs, you will have no problem integrating the best transportation and flight data into your applications. Browse these flight data & airport APIs to help enrich your website or app!

With these APIs, you can query departure and landing times, passenger information, airfare, find flights (from and to), and much more.


What is travel booking API Integration?

What are Travel APIs? In layman terms, an API allows you to integrate third-party GDS/Wholesaler inventory/feeds into the booking engine on your site. So when a customer makes a search to book a flight or a hotel on your site, they won't be redirected to another site and the payment will be collected by you. Learn more here.

Which is the best flight booking API?

Check out the Skyscanner Flight Search API. It's completely free to use and the top flight API out there (exclusive on RapidAPI).

What data is available with the Skyscanner flight search API?

The main function of the Sky Scanner API is searching for flights. This can be done in two ways: cached search and live search.

Cached search is much simpler to use and is free. It searches through the existing data on the Skyscanner platform, giving you a good estimate of available routes (using the Browse Routes endpoint) and flight prices (using the Browse Quotes endpoint).

Live search is a little more complex, but it lets you perform a real-time query of all the different airlines and booking agents to get real booking options. To use that, you’ll need to create a search session with the details of the flight you’re searching. The search results will load in the background, and you can poll them.

In both approaches, you can query flights between any two locations in the world at any dates. The information returned by the API will include flight dates, carriers, and prices.

Read more here.

Does Google Flights have an API?

Unfortunately, No. Google deprecated their QPX Express API in April of 2018.

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