APIs: How to Get Amazon Product Details and Reviews with APIs

Learn how to get or scrape Amazon Product Details and Reviews with APIs on RapidAPI!

About this Collection:

Amazon Review APIs

Amazon merchants are all too aware of the importance of monitoring sales and reviews of products. Ensuring your product receives positive reviews and appears in relevant searches will be the primary driving factor in a business’s success in any online marketplace. Alternatively, as a consumer, individuals want to know when the price of wishlist items drops, and, historically, what they cost in the past.

Using Amazon API reviews and price comparison tools that model after sites like, Camelcamelcamel, enables developers to access Amazon API data at their disposal. Both marketplace sellers and consumers can track information in real-time. The applications with an Amazon product API are endless.

Using Amazon Review APIs to measure success and track ratings

Sellers often need to monitor the success of their products to determine revenue and maximize the product listing. Most importantly, tracking the reviews and product feedback will help sellers know how to improve products they’re offering customers and adapt their business strategies to reach a wider audience. Ultimately, the Amazon reviews API helps sellers be more successful on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon buyers often read any available product reviews before they make a purchase. When customers leave detailed negative reviews, potential buyers may decide against making a purchase. Therefore, sellers must address and rectify any negative reviews to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Amazon Review APIs, such as the Amazon Product Advertising API, provides sellers insight on product reviews and overall success. Sellers can break down information on their products to find areas for improvement. They can also review product ratings and address negative ratings and reviews from the API. Moreover, some APIs allow sellers to access information on sellers who have not left a review. This way, they can choose to contact the buyer and request a product review.

Using Amazon API to get product details

Amazon API reviews help serve customers as well. Amazon customers may use Amazon API reviews from organizations such as Honey or Camelcamelcamel API to track items’ prices over a short period of time. There are several reasons a customer may choose to do this.

Customers often look for the best price for an item, which is why using an Amazon API to get product details is very beneficial. These APIs track products’ prices over time and allow customers to review how the price has changed in recent months. Some APIs go as far as to estimate when the best time to buy the product is.

Additionally, an Amazon reviews API may also allow customers to view the best savings across Amazon. They can sort information based on product category, rating, popularity, and overall savings. More advanced APIs also provide information on products, including overall rating, customer satisfaction, and common problems cited by customers during reviews.

Sellers may find that using these APIs to get product details for other, similar products is highly beneficial to the marketing process. They can review keywords listed in product listings and compare their product to similarly marketed products to look for shortcomings. Using tools like this, sellers and customers alike can make educated marketing and buying decisions.

How to scrape Amazon product details and reviews with APIs

  1. Sign up for a free RapidAPI account.
  2. Choose one (or more) of the APIs in this collection.
  3. Choose a pricing plan (many of them have a free basic one to get started).
  4. Select your preferred programming language to get a requet snippet (Available in: NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Java (Android), C# (.NET), and cURL).
  5. Copy the request snippet and start integrating the API into your website or mobile app!