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LastFm API

About Music APIs

Music APIs help music lovers learn everything about their favorite songs and artists, as well as discover new ones.

What is LastFM?

Based in the United Kingdom, LastFM has been providing users of the service with music information based on their individual listening preferences since 2002.

How does LastFM work?

LastFM uses Audioscrobbler, a recommender system that builds detailed profiles of music lovers’ tastes through their listening habits. These portraits are compiled through what the user listens to on portable devices and internet radio stations. Once the data is collected, it is ‘scrobbled’ or transferred via various services like Anghami, Deezer, Spotify, and Tidal. Likewise, the person can download and install a plugin to their media player to connect to the LastFM database. The resulting reference data and profile are displayed on the customer’s user page.

Who benefits from APIs like LastFM?

End users who love music enjoy music APIs and services like LastFM because they can learn about their favorite music, create playlists, discover new music through recommendations, and more.

Developers utilize these music database APIs to create applications that showcase new music, offer lyrics to most-loved songs, provide recommendations to liked songs, and much more.

Why is LastFM important?

LastFM APIs like their playlist or radio versions allow developers to tap into their massive database of songs. Without music APIs, it would be impossible to build applications for end-users with such a wide variety of data and options without spending years of work.

What can you expect from the LastFM API?

The LastFM API and other music APIs should have accurate song, genre, artist, and lyric information. Likewise, the semantic capabilities of the API should be able to provide recommendations that make sense to the user’s taste. Finally, all data sent from the client to the originating server should be encrypted and not require any identifying information.

Are there examples of free LastFM APIs?

  1. Shazam
  2. Genius
  3. Deezer
  4. Billboard-API
  5. 30,000 Radio Stations and Music Charts
  6. Music Credits
  7. The AudioDB
  8. Radio World 50,000 Radio Stations


All LastFm APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

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