Top Nutrition APIs

List of nutrition-related APIs to help your users make better dietary decisions.
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Top Nutrition APIs

Best Nutrition APIs (for Developers)

In this API collection, you'll find the best nutrition APIs to help enrich your website, software, or mobile app with relevant dietary or recipe information.

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How do you use an API?

  1. Get an API Key
  2. Test the API Endpoints
  3. Make your first app with RapidAPI
    Read more on how to use an API.

Why is API Used?

APIs tie disparate applications together, allowing them to complement each other.

For example: The hotel selection service uses an external API for recognizing and cataloging photos of rooms, the same service itself through the API provides an opportunity to select and book hotel rooms, thus enriching the functionality of many travel applications.

Read here.

Does MyFitnessPal have an API?

Yes, you can request access to their API at

What are the Types of APIs?

There are 4 main types of APIs:

  • Open APIs
  • Partner APIs
  • Internal APIs
  • Composites APIs
    Read more about types of APIs.

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