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APIs for Product Managers

List of the best APIs used among product managers.
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APIs for Product Managers

Top APIs for Product Managers

Per departmentofproduct.com:

Braintree API

Use Cases

  • Process payments for customers
  • Set up monthly recurring subscriptions for customers

Google Maps API

Use Cases

  • Create a contact us pages with the location pre-determined
  • Create a transport mobile app which has metro stations on top of Google maps e.g. Citymapper (URL)

YouTube API

Use Cases

  • Embed your favourite YouTube clips into your blog
  • Allow your users to search for a video on your site using the YouTube Data API

Twitter API

Use Cases

  • Embed your twitter feed into your blog
  • Create a new tweet using content from your blog
  • Show a curated stream of tweets based on your hashtag (usually employed by TV channels to show users debating)

Shopify API

Use Cases

  • Mark orders as fulfilled once they’ve shipped
  • Trigger email communications to customers
  • Update shipping tracking information when you get a new tracking event

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