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Sentiment Analysis API

About sentiment analysis APIs

Discover the sentiment behind the inputted text with the best sentiment analysis APIs.

What is a Sentiment Analysis API?

A sentiment analysis application programming interface (API) is a service that enables developers to add sentiment extraction functionality into their applications or websites. Sentiment analysis is also referred to as “contextual mining” or “opinion mining.” The API determines if the sentiment (the attitude or emotion behind what was written) has a positive, negative, or neutral tone.

How does a sentiment analysis API work?

The API for sentiment analysis uses POST and GET requests to communicate with the service. JSON-formatted responses are returned in the request body. Sentiment analysis uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, specifically, natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text. In addition, text analysis techniques and linguistics help determine the sentiment of the text.

Who is a sentiment analysis API for?

Developers that want to save time coding the sentiment function into their applications will benefit from using sentiment analysis APIs.

Businesses that want to understand how consumers receive their brand will find sentiment APIs insightful tools.

Why is an API for sentiment analysis important?

The best sentiment analysis APIs are advantageous to developers because they only require a few lines of code to implement. To connect to the service, developers use endpoints provided by the API. By doing so, they can avoid taking a great deal of time to learn NLP code and concepts.

Businesses that measure sentiment analysis may have a competitive edge. When brands learn how consumers truly feel about their products and services, it helps them assess their marketing campaigns.

What can you expect from an API for sentiment analysis?

Developers can expect to build applications with reliable connections to data resources that measure emotional intent. And they can do this without writing or debugging code for that function.

Businesses can expect to gain deeper insights into the value that their products and service offerings bring to their customers. They can then take that information to improve their products, encourage brand loyalty, and solidify their brand’s presence in their industry.

Are there examples of free sentiment analysis APIs?

There are several free and freemium APIs for sentiment analysis listed on RapidAPI’s Marketplace. Sentiment Analysis by Twinword analyzes the tone of the inputted text. Its Basic freemium plan is free and includes a 500-request quota per month. The cost of overages is small.

Another API on the Marketplace is Text Sentiment Analysis Method by Fyhao. The API offers one option: free.

Best Sentiment Analysis APIs

  1. Text-Processing

  2. Sentiment Analysis

  3. Emotion Analysis

  4. Text Analysis

  5. Text Sentiment Analysis Method

  6. Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews

  7. IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

  8. Alchemy Text
    ##Sentiment Analysis API SDKs
    All Sentiment Analysis APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  9. Node.js

  10. PHP

  11. Python

  12. Ruby

  13. Objective-C

  14. Java (Android)

  15. C# (.NET)

  16. cURL

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