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SMS APIs provide an easy and time-efficient way for developers to implement messaging in their applications.
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SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a "text message". Traditionally, developers had to learn and use the SMPP protocol to integrate messaging into their applications. More recently, APIs have made it a lot quicker and simpler for developers to implement text messaging or SMS. Popular applications such as Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb use SMS APIs to send verify users and send notifications.

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Install SDK for NodeJS


To utilize unirest for node.js install the the npm module:

$ npm install unirest

After installing the npm package you can now start simplifying requests like so:

var unirest = require('unirest');

Creating Request

.header("X-RapidAPI-Key", "SIGN-UP-FOR-KEY")
.header("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
.end(function (result) {
  console.log(result.status, result.headers, result.body);
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Client Secret
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