Top Image Processing and Facial Recognition APIs

Top image recognition APIs take advantage of the latest developments in machine learning and computer vision to give your apps super powers such as identifying faces, objects, and even brands in images.

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About This Collection

What Are Image Processing and Facial Recognition APIs?

Image recognition, in the context of machine vision, is the ability of software to identify objects, places, people, writing and actions in images. Traditionally, implementing image processing functionality has required coding complex algorithms, gathering large amounts of data, training/tuning models. Using a visual recognition API lets you, with just a few lines of code, implement functionality such as organizing and categorizing images/products, detecting and tracking objects, identifying faces among others.

Are Image Processing and Facial Recognition APIs Free?

Pricing varies depending on the API. This collection features mostly freemium APIs, which means the API has a free subscription option in addition to paid subscription plans. Navigate to the pricing tab under the specific API to see the pricing details.

The Image Processing and Facial Recognition APIs

Be sure to brose the APIs in this collection to find the one that will work best for your application or website. All of these APIs are available in multiple popular SDKs including:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node.js / JavaScript
  • cURL
    And many more!

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