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Whois API


Behind every website, there is a person or organization responsible for its content and upkeep. This identity is not always clear from the page. However, when someone first registers a domain name, they must give contact information to the registry. Using WHOIS information, members of the public can search the registries and identify site owners. A well-developed WHOIS API will simplify this process.

What is WHOIS?

There is not a single registry of online domain names or IP addresses. Without a centralized list, it can be difficult to track website owners. However, to become an acceptable registry, an organization must agree to provide WHOIS data for all the domain names it monitors. This WHOIS information is public and allows users to learn about the availability of a registered domain name and the owners of domain names that are in use.

How does a WHOIS API work?

There are millions of websites and even more registered domain names. When users have questions about WHOIS information for a site, an API will connect them to an appropriate database. They can use a GET command to seek data about a domain name or IP address. The API returns the information in either JSON or XML format.

Who would use a WHOIS API?

When a new business wants a website, one of the first steps is choosing a domain name. With a search of WHOIS information, a developer can determine if a name is in use or for sale on a registry. Contact data for a website will also come into play if there are technical issues with the site. Investigators may use WHOIS data to track down the owners of fraudulent websites or sites that deliver malware.

Why is WHOIS information important?

Most commercial sites want to be clear about their identity, but administrators of less reputable sites may desire anonymity. Contact data will bring them out of hiding. WHOIS information can provide contact information for a hacked site to alert the administrators of the problem. It also is a critical resource for cybersecurity professionals as they seek to label unsafe sites.

What can a developer expect from WHOIS APIs?

When an app sends a GET request, it will receive information about the domain name such as its creation and expiration dates. It can obtain contact information about the registering organization and the technical administrators. Some APIs will also send back a screenshot of the website in question.

Are there free WHOIS APIs?

Because WHOIS information is public, there are several APIs that allow a connection at no cost. For example, the WHOIS XML API provides contact information for free. APIs with advanced features may charge a fee, but they often have a freemium package for basic use.

Whois API SDKs

All Whois APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

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