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About this Collection:

World Population API

About World Population APIs

The world population, in and of itself, doesn’t tell us a whole lot about anything. But plot it over time, and you begin to tell a story. And when you begin to segment off portions of that world population, you start finding statistics and data points that can have application in practically any field. It’s what you do with that data that matters.

What is a World Population API?

World population alone might not tell us much, but the APIs in this collection allow for deeper explorations of human demographics while drawing from that same source pool of the world population. More specifically, they generally offer geographical and demographic data for human populations.

How does a World Population API work?

All of the world population APIs draw from public resources to bring back data to the user, and they all exclusively accept GET requests. But while all of them can relate back to a larger world population data set, the actual content of their data is pretty diverse, and that means they all work a little differently.

But most of the APIs in this collection anchor their data geographically. And for the most part, they make use of a similar data structure that scales data all the way up from cities or even smaller regions all the way up to the global population.

Who are World Population APIs for?

Global population is one of the most significant control groups you can work with, so it’s understandable that these APIs get a lot of mileage from data scientists. The richest source of data here is geographic, giving these APIs a lot of value for app developers working with map data. And the wealth of professional data offered by IdealSpot can be used by everyone from marketers to job recruiters.

Why are World Population APIs important?

Seeing how our habits and trends compare to the rest of the world can help put our lives in perspective, but it’s also a starting point for any number of different studies. It’s rare that you’ll be getting the world population directly, but all the information gathered in this collection are contextualized by that ultimate number.

What you can expect from a World Population API?

Getting the raw world population requires more than just a simple GET request no matter what API you use! There’s no standardized endpoint for the entire world population, but a programmer with a beginner’s knowledge of working with APIs can just increment through the population of each country using the World Geo Data API.

Beyond that, the options are pretty wide open if you can find a clever way to chain together multiple queries from different APIs. The fact that most of these APIs use a similar structure for their data endpoints leaves you a lot of leverage to compare very disparate data points.

Are there examples of free World Population APIs?

All of the APIs in this collection are free with some features locked behind a paywall. The cost will depend entirely on the nature of the API and the scale on which you need to deploy it.

World Population API SDKs

All World Population APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

Just select your preference from any API endpoints page.

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