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Distimo API Documentation

Today, Distimo provides the #1 free app analytics platform for developers, alongside the most accurate market data for any app globally, all integrated into one intuitive, highly customizable and easy to use platform. Distimo firmly believes in empowering every player in the mobile marketplace with the most accurate data. Our platform lets developers track downloads, revenue and conversions for various campaigns in their own app, across multiple app stores, at no cost.

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Retrieve download and/or update information of your applications. https://analytics.distimo.com/support/api/v3/downloads

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe breakdown allows you to specify by which dimensions the results should be broken down and, as such, not aggregated. If, for example, you'd want to know the total number of downloads for an app per day, you would break down the results by date (with interval set to day). If you wanted to retrieve the total downloads per App Store instead, you'd break the results down by App Store, and so on. It's also possible to combine breakdowns, so you could, for example, break down the results to see downloads per day per application, or downloads per country per App Store. Possible values, which can be combined in any order, are: application, appstore, country, date, device, region When no breakdown is given, all results are aggregated by every dimension and thus you will only recieve a single, total, value. Examples: /api/v3/downloads?breakdown=date /api/v3/downloads?breakdown=date,country /api/v3/downloads?breakdown=country,appstore
REQUIREDResults starting at this date will be retrieved. Dates should be in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Other valid values are: lastmonth, thismonth, last2months, last3months, last6months, lastweek, last10days, yesterday, thisyear, all. Examples: /api/v3/downloads?from=lastyear /api/v3/downloads?from=2012-03-01
REQUIREDThe current UTC time, as a UNIX timestamp.
REQUIREDThe public key of your application.
REQUIREDA sha-1 hmac hash of the request parameters and the current time, using the private key as the hash key.
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