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Jawbone UP API Documentation

UP is a wristband and app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat—then helps you use that information to feel your best. The UP Platform documentation provides information related to establishing and maintaining an API connection with UP. The purpose of this API is to enable the exchange of select data in order to extend and augment the UP user experience and support complementary services. This can include data aggregation and visualization, gaming, marketing, rewards provisioning, and more.

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POSTCreate new meal
DELETEDelete single meal event
GETGet information about specific meal
GETGet user's meal list
POSTUpdate a meal
GETGet move intensity
GETGet the user's move graphs
GETGet the information about a specific move
GETGet the user's moves list
POSTCreate new user event to record cardiac metrics
DELETEDelete a single cardiac metric event
GETGet a single cardiac metric event
GETGet cardiac metrics events for a user
GETGet detailed information about the user
GETGet list of friends
GETGet the user's mood
GETGet the user's trends
POSTCreate workout
DELETEDelete workout event
GETGet information about a specific workout
GETGet the user's workout graphs
GETGet the user's workout list
GETGet workout intensity
POSTUpdate workout
DELETEDelete a single mood event
GETGet a single mood event
POSTRecord user's mood
POSTCreates a new generic event for the user
DELETEDelete a generic event
GETGet a generic event for the user
POSTCreate event to record body metrics
DELETEDelete a single weight metric event
GETGet a single body composition metric event
GETGet body metrics record events
POSTCreate sleep
GETGet sleep phases
GETGet sleep period information
GETGet user's sleep
GETGet user's sleep graphs
GETGet list of friends

Returns the list of unique identifiers (XIDs) of the user's friends.


Check authentication details at https://jawbone.com/up/developer/authentication

Header Parameters
REQUIREDShould be of the format 'Bearer [token]'
Code Snippet
Install SDK
Response ExampleSchema

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication