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Manga Eden API Documentation

MangaEden is today one of the best sources where readers can access high-quality manga from leading publishers for free. Readers have access to a wide range of classic genres, summaries, manga art-books, and popular fiction and non-fiction manga-titles.

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GETManga List
GETManga info and chapters list
GETManga List
  • dictionaries in the key "manga" contains the manga's image ("im"), title ("t"), ID ("i"), alias ("a"), status ("s"), last chapter date ("ld"), hits ("h") - "page", "start", "end" and "total" are self explanatory
Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDWhere [language] can be 0 (English) or 1 (Italian)
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALSame as above but returns only 500 manga's informations (from manga X*500 to (X+1)*500, where X is the page fetched from the GET parameter 'p')
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