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Get weather and weather forecasts for multiple cities. See more:

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GETCurrent Weather Data
GETCall 16 day / daily forecast data
GETSearch Weather Data
GET5 day / 3 hour forecast data
GETCurrent Weather Data

Using this kind of requests you can get weather data in any location on the earth. The current weather data are updated online based on data from more than 40,000 weather stations.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDuse this parameter when searching for a city. Do not use with other parameters
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALMust be used with lon. Get current weather data when you know the latitude of the city.
OPTIONALMust be used with lat. Get current weather data when you know the longitude of the city.
OPTIONALTo use JavaScrip code you can transfer callback functionName to JSONP callback.
OPTIONALGet current weather data when you know the city ID. Not to be used with lon, lat, or q
OPTIONALYou can use lang parameter to get output in your language. We support the following languages that you can use with the corresponded lang values: English - en, Russian - ru, Italian - it, Spanish - sp, Ukrainian - ua, German - de, Portuguese - pt, Romanian - ro, Polish - pl, Finnish - fi, Dutch - nl, French - fr, Bulgarian - bg, Swedish - se, Chinese Traditional - zh_tw, Chinese Simplified - zh_cn, Turkish - tr
OPTIONALYou can use different types of metric systems by units = metric or imperial
OPTIONALIf left blank will default to JSON output. Ability to retrieve data in XML or HTML.
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