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Carma API Documentation

Get there together! Shared car seats means a faster, greener and more affordable commute for you and your neighbors. The Carma API provides complete access to developers to build carpool apps and solutions to help solve one of the world's most universal problems. NB we have only included a small subset of the Carma APIs on go to to see all of them.

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GETSearch Users By Alias
GETNearby Users
GETTrip search
GETSearch Users By Alias

NB For the full Carma API listing go to Search users by name, the result will be ordered so users who's last known location is closest to the given location are first. Note: This endpoint does NOT require authentication


Carma supports the Implicit, Authorization Code and Password flows of Oauth2

Header Parameters
REQUIREDCarma supports the Implicit, Authorization Code and Password flows of Oauth2
REQUIREDThe representation of the content to return, Carma supports json and xml representations.
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe oauth client id of the calling application. Clients should provide this otherwise they may be subject to much lower rate limits and may be blocked in future.
REQUIREDThe search keyword. This can be a prefix of a users first name, or a first name and an initial of a surname. e.g. both Bob and Bobby S will match Bobby Sandz. More than 1 character of the surname will not be matched e.g. Bobby Sa will not match Bobby Sandz as surnames are private.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALThe user id of the user doing the search, optional can be -1 for non logged in users
OPTIONALThe latitude of the given location in decimal degrees between -90 and 90 (+ for N Lat, - for S Lat), used to order users nearest to this location, optional
OPTIONALThe longitude of the given location in decimal degrees between -180 and 180 (+ for E Long, - for W Long), used to order users nearest to this location, optional
OPTIONALThe maximum number of users to return.
OPTIONALWhich page to return, 1-indexed. For example, page=2 with max=50 will get users 51-100.
OPTIONALA comma-separated list of fields that should be included with the user object. Clients SHOULD ask for the minimum amount of data they require. If this parameter is not included then the default is used. If this is passed in with an empty value as in ?userFields= then this will return just the user id and a flag indicating whether the user account has been deleted. The other supported values are: NAME, ALIAS, REGISTRATION_TIME, EMAIL,PHOTO_URL, HOME_CITY, COUNTRY, WEBPAGE, BIO, LAST_KNOWN_LOCATION, LAST_KNOWN_LOCATION_ADDRESS, LAST_KNOWN_LOCATION_ADDRESS_STREET, IS_CURRENTLY_RIDESHARING, LAST_TRIP_SEARCH, RATING, IS_FAVOURITE, IS_FREE_RIDER, IS_FREE_DRIVER, VALIDATIONS_EMAIL, VALIDATIONS_PHONE, VALIDATIONS_NUM_POSITIVE_REVIEWS, VALIDATIONS_CONNECTED_FACEBOOK, VALIDATIONS_AFFILIATES, LAST_SEEN_TIMESTAMP, LAST_LOGIN_TIMESTAMP, GENDER, CREDIT_BALANCES, LOCALE, TEST_ACCOUNT_STATUS, LAST_CHANGED_TIMESTAMP_BASIC, ACHIEVEMENTS, DISTANCE NOTE: The calling user can see all of their own details but will only see a subset of the public fields of another user
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