Virus Checker
By creatinggenius
Updated a year ago
Virus Checker Overview

Scans files for Viruses and Malware On Demand. Specify the Public facing url of the file and our API will scan it and report if file is infected. Great for applications where you download or pass files to clients.

Our simple and easy to use API takes the file url you give us, does an immediate 3 second scan (response time varies upon file size), then reports back to you whether or not a virus was detected.

response is simple to understand:
"VirusScanResults":"Virus Found."
"VirusScanVirusName":" Eicar-Test-Signature"

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More Details
  • Easy to use. Easy to implement into your application.

  • Submit URL (via http request) of file for On-Demand Scanning.

  • Get immediate result (in json formatted response).

  • Scan you S3 or Azure Buckets (trigger a scan upon file upload).

  • Low cost monthly plans available.

  • Implementation Programming / Consulting available at reasonable rates. Need help using this API or any other APIs, contact us at [email protected] for a price quote.


  • File sizes larger than 10 mb will be rejected

  • Request throwttling will prevent submittal of many requests in rapid succession. We recommend no more than 1 request per 2 seconds.

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