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[{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.sciencemag.org\/news\/2019\/10\/global-push-get-disease-genes-medicines","img":"https:\/\/www.sciencemag.org\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/article_main_large\/public\/pill_1280p.jpg?itok=AGo-u8sL","date":"2019-10-04T16:27:00Z","title":"A global push to get from disease genes to medicines","source_name":"sciencemag.org","content":" The Human Genome Projects completion in 2003 brought hope that geneticists would soon uncover the genes behind scourges such as heart disease and Alzheimers. But soon came a reality check: Most common diseases have been tied not to a few genes, but scores or even hundreds, each raising a persons risk of disease by a tiny amount. Despite a growing list of these genetic markers, identified by combing the DNA of large groups of people with and without a disease, researchers have only figured out what a specific marker means for a persons health in a few cases.\nIn a bid [...]","category":"Science","keywords":"Human Genome Projects; Alzheimers; DNA; Eric Lander of the Broad Institute; Cambridge; Massachusetts; Washington; International Common Disease Alliance; Japan; South Africa; Eric Lander; Cecilia Lindgren; NIH; This ICDA; GWAS"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.thestar.com\/halifax\/2019\/10\/03\/scheer-defends-silence-on-american-citizenship-during-halifax-stop-i-was-never-asked.html","img":"https:\/\/images.thestar.com\/Z83iwTKeAL8HkX7GO8ueigR7YLg=\/1200x800\/smart\/filters:cb(1570192160279)\/https:\/\/www.thestar.com\/content\/dam\/thestar\/halifax\/2019\/10\/03\/scheer-defends-silence-on-american-citizenship-during-halifax-stop-i-was-never-asked\/a_hal_scheer_visit3.jpg","date":"2019-10-04T09:24:16Z","title":"Scheer defends silence on American citizenship during Halifax stop: \u2018I was never asked\u2019","source_name":"Toronto Star","content":" HALIFAX\u2014During his first campaign stop in the Halifax area, federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said he\u2019s never commented publicly about his dual American-Canadian citizenship because he simply hasn\u2019t been asked.\nScheer greeted supporters and Nova Scotian Conservative candidates during an event Thursday evening at the May Garden Chinese restaurant in Bedford.\nEarlier on Thursday, Scheer\u2019s campaign confirmed that the Conservative leader is a citizen of both Canada and the United States, but is in the process of renouncing his American citizenship, which he received through his father.\nIn the past, Scheer had criticized former Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean\u2019s dual French and Canadian citizenship, and [...]","category":"Top Stories","keywords":"Scheer; American; Halifax; HALIFAX; Conservative; Andrew Scheer; Nova Scotian Conservative; May Garden Chinese; Bedford; United States; Gen; Michaelle Jean; French; Conservatives; Stephen Harper; Liberal; Michael Ignatieff; Fred Shuman; Halifax West; Liberal MP; Speaker of the House of Commons; Geoff Regan; Atlantic Canada; Justin Trudeau; Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer; Nova Scotia; Star Halifax; Nova Scotians; Sign Up Now For; Regan; Parliament; House; Speaker of the House; House of Commons; TVA Wednesday; Jagmeet Singh of the NDP; North End; Nova Scotia Community College; NSCC; Green; Elizabeth May; Via Rail"},{"source_url":"http:\/\/feeds.reuters.com\/~r\/reuters\/topNews\/~3\/dgpIJBQc7c8\/factbox-dudley-departure-forms-part-of-change-of-guard-at-uk-plc-idUSKBN1WJ194","img":"https:\/\/s3.reutersmedia.net\/resources\/r\/?m=02&d=20191004&t=2&i=1436998796&w=1200&r=LYNXMPEF930UN","date":"2019-10-04T08:24:15Z","title":"Factbox: Dudley departure forms part of change of guard at UK Plc","source_name":"reuters.com","content":" (Reuters) - BP ( BP.L ) on Friday appointed its head of upstream Bernard Looney as chief executive to succeed Bob Dudley when he retires next year, the latest in a series of changes in senior management at some of Britain\u2019s biggest companies.\nFILE PHOTO: Bob Dudley, Group Chief Executive of BP, speaks at the 2019 Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., April 29, 2019. REUTERS\/Lucy Nicholson\nHere are some of the major moves in recent months:\nBP promoted the head of its oil and gas production business to take charge next year when the American Dudley retires.\nTesco:\nTesco ( TSCO.L [...]","category":"World","keywords":"Factbox; Dudley; UK Plc; BP; Bernard Looney; Bob Dudley; Britain; FILE PHOTO; Group Chief Executive of BP; Milken Institute Global Conference; Beverly Hills; California; Lucy Nicholson Here; American Dudley; Tesco; Dave Lewis; Ken Murphy; Walgreens; WBA; Imperial Brands; Chief Executive Alison Cooper; Imperial Brands Plc; IMB; Standard Life Aberdeen; Former; Martin Gilbert; SLA; Metro Bank; Vernon Hill; Royal Bank of Scotland; Alison Rose; RBS; Noel Quinn; HSBC; Chief Executive John Flint; Kingfisher; Carrefour; Thierry Garnier; Veronique Laury; CEO of Kingfisher; Brico Depot; France; Ferguson; FERG; Kevin Murphy; John Martin; William Hill; Ulrik Bengtsson; Swede the British; June Chief Executive Lance Batchelor"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/finance.yahoo.com\/news\/will-smith-gemini-man-movie-theaters-170353453.html","img":"https:\/\/s.yimg.com\/uu\/api\/res\/1.2\/f72vHHJBViLObwb9bkIqkA--~B\/aD0zMTk3O3c9NDUxODtzbT0xO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u\/https:\/\/media-mbst-pub-ue1.s3.amazonaws.com\/creatr-images\/2019-10\/1ca1ad60-e5e5-11e9-9f7e-94ffd6f806be","date":"2019-10-04T07:20:53Z","title":"Will Smith explains what it takes to get people off their couches and into the movie theater - Yahoo Finance","source_name":"Yahoo Finance","content":" Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee is known for his diverse range of work, including films like \u201cSense and Sensibility,\u201d \u201cCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,\u201d and \u201cLife of Pi.\u201d\nHis latest movie, \u201cGemini Man,\u201d which hits theaters Oct. 11, taps into the appeal of Will Smith \u2014 hoping two versions of him will be enough of an attraction to make the movie a blockbuster hit.\nSmith plays two characters in \u201cGemini Man\u201d: Henry Brogan, a middle-aged government assassin and Junior, his younger clone who is trying to kill his older self. Junior is a two-year-long collaborative effort of stuntmen, Smith\u2019s performance capture, and most [...]","category":"Entertainment","keywords":"Will Smith; Yahoo Finance Academy Award; Ang Lee; Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon; Life of Pi; Gemini Man; Smith; Henry Brogan; Weta Digital; Ang; Yahoo Finance; Lee; TechCrunch Disrupt; PARIS; FRANCE; Paramount Pictures; Jerry Bruckheimer Films; Cinema Pathe Beaugrenelle; Paris; France; Julien; VR; Moviepass; AMC; CINE; Cinemark; Westbrook Media; Dreamers; VC"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/deadline.com\/2019\/10\/joker-director-todd-phillips-taken-aback-by-violence-rap-isnt-it-a-good-thing-to-take-away-the-cartoon-element-1202750817\/","img":"https:\/\/pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com\/2019\/10\/joker-nyff.jpg?w=1024","date":"2019-10-03T04:39:47Z","title":"\u2018Joker\u2019 Director Todd Phillips Taken Aback By Violence Rap: \u201cIsn\u2019t It A Good Thing To Take Away The Cartoon Element?\u201d - Deadline","source_name":"Deadline","content":" Introducing Wednesday\u2019s New York Film Festival screening of Joker , director Todd Phillips acknowledged the strong reactions to the film, which finally opens commercially this weekend. \u201cThere\u2019s been a lot said about this movie \u2013 a lot said by me, too. I\u2019ve learned,\u201d the director told the audience. \u201cI\u2019m really excited that you\u2019re here and we can finally let the movie speak for itself.\u201d\nJoker has become a lightning rod at the same time it has accumulated a wealth of initial critical praise and buzz, plus the Golden Lion at last month\u2019s Venice Film Festival. Police in New York and other [...]","category":"Entertainment","keywords":"Joker; Director Todd Phillips Taken Aback By Violence Rap; Isn; Good Thing To Take Away the Cartoon Element; Deadline Introducing Wednesday; New York Film Festival; Todd Phillips; Golden Lion; Venice Film Festival; New York; Christopher Nolan; Batman; Colorado; Phillips; Old School; Alice Tully Hall; Joaquin Phoenix; Emma Tillinger Koskoff; Mark Freidberg; Lawrence Sher; Mean Streets; Dog Day Afternoon; One Flew Over the Cuckoo; Phoenix; Oscar; Eugene Hernandez; Film Society of Lincoln Center; Arthur Fleck"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.huffingtonpost.ca\/entry\/jagmeet-singh-turban-montreal_ca_5d94e37ee4b0e9e76056b493","img":"https:\/\/img.huffingtonpost.com\/asset\/5d94e7212100004a01f98c02.jpeg?cache=Cz016NiNOJ&ops=1200_630","date":"2019-10-02T15:22:50Z","title":"Jagmeet Singh Explains  Beauty Of Canada  To Man Urging He  Cut Off  Turban","source_name":"The Huffington Post","content":" I think Canadians look like all sorts of people, Singh told the man while shopping in Montreals Atwater Market. Thats the beauty of Canada.\nWhen the man responded with the adage that, in Rome, you do as the Romans do, Singh politely replied: But this is Canada, you can do whatever you like.\nSingh, a practicing Sikh, is the first non-white leader of a major federal party in Canadas history.\nThe exchange came hours before a French-language debate in Montreal, hosted by the TVA television network, where the issue of religious symbols is expected to be discussed.\nQuebec passed a controversial secularism law this [...]","category":"Sports","keywords":"Jagmeet Singh Explains Beauty of Canada To Man Urging He Cut Off Turban; Singh; Montreals Atwater Market; Rome; Romans; Sikh; Canadas; French; TVA; Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer; Green Party Leader Elizabeth May; Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau; Quebec Premier Franois Legault; NDP; Parliament; Orange Wave; Official Opposition; Im"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.thestar.com\/business\/2019\/10\/02\/as-wework-slows-down-biggest-competitor-says-its-thriving.html","img":"https:\/\/images.thestar.com\/TYviIGl4DkFqotVwQ97pJ-9W29c=\/1200x800\/smart\/filters:cb(1570034152510)\/https:\/\/www.thestar.com\/content\/dam\/thestar\/business\/2019\/10\/02\/as-wework-slows-down-biggest-competitor-says-its-thriving\/dixon.jpg","date":"2019-10-02T14:26:53Z","title":"As WeWork slows down, biggest competitor says it\u2019s thriving","source_name":"Toronto Star","content":" In a few dizzying days last month, WeWork replaced its chief executive, withdrew its initial public offering and said it was slowing its breakneck expansion.\nBut the business that WeWork is in \u2014 providing office space on flexible terms to professionals and businesses \u2014 can produce solid returns. During the last 20 years, Mark Dixon, the chief executive of International Workplace Group, has built an empire of flexible office spaces with brands like Regus, Spaces and HQ in more than 1,100 cities around the world, about 10 times as many as WeWork.\nIn the first half of the year, IWG\u2019s revenue was [...]","category":"Business","keywords":"As WeWork; WeWork; Mark Dixon; International Workplace Group; Regus; HQ; IWG; London Stock Exchange; Dixon; But Dixon; New York; American; Britain; European Union; United States; Argentina; Venezuela; Sign Up Now; Alaska; Fargo; North Dakota; New York City"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/pitchfork.com\/news\/listen-to-danny-browns-new-song-with-run-the-jewels-and-jpegmafia\/","img":"https:\/\/media.pitchfork.com\/photos\/5d93c6d042446e00087f7cf3\/2:1\/w_790\/Danny_Brown_Afropunk_2019.jpg","date":"2019-10-02T08:10:43Z","title":"Listen to Danny Brown\u2019s New Song With Run the Jewels and JPEGMAFIA - Pitchfork","source_name":"Pitchfork","content":" Danny Brown has released a new song called \u201c3 Tearz\u201d produced by JPEGMAFIA and featuring Run the Jewels . He premiered the track on Twitch (and previewed a handful of songs on the new album) before releasing it on streaming services. Listen below.\n\u201c3 Tearz\u201d is the fourth track and third single from his forthcoming LP uknowhatimsayin\u00bf , following \u201cDirty Laundry\u201d and the Q-Tip produced \u201c Best Life .\u201d His new talk show \u201c Danny\u2019s House \u201d premiered on VICELAND this summer.\nJPEGMAFIA is fresh off the release of his own LP, . He recently appeared on South London producer Vegyn\u2019s \u201c [...]","category":"Entertainment","keywords":"Listen; Danny Brown; New Song With Run the Jewels; Pitchfork Danny Brown; Tearz; Run the Jewels; Twitch; LP; Dirty Laundry; Best Life; Danny; House; VICELAND; South London"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.stereogum.com\/2060066\/danny-brown-run-the-jewels-jpegmafia-3-tearz\/music\/","img":"https:\/\/static.stereogum.com\/uploads\/2019\/10\/3-Tearz-1569984312-608x608.jpeg","date":"2019-10-02T04:48:34Z","title":"Danny Brown \u2013 \u201c3 Tearz\u201d (Feat. Run The Jewels) - Stereogum","source_name":"Stereogum","content":" Discerning listeners everywhere are excited about the prospect of a new Danny Brown album on principle due to the Detroit rappers decade-long run of masterpieces. Brown further amped up anticipation for this weeks uknowhatimsayin by announcing it was executive-produced by Q-Tip and sharing a pair of enticing Abstract-produced singles, Dirty Laundry and Best Life . And if all that still didnt get you hyped up, how about a Run The Jewels collab produced by JPEGMAFIA?\nYes, new single 3 Tearz reunites Brown with El-P and Killer Mike, with whom he previously linked up for RTJ3 track Hey Kids (Bumaye). Here they [...]","category":"Entertainment","keywords":"Danny Brown; Run the Jewels; Stereogum Discerning; Detroit; Brown; Dirty Laundry; Best Life; El; Killer Mike; Hey Kids; Peggy; Mike; Bernie Bro; Trump"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.xda-developers.com\/android-10-live-caption-google-pixel-4\/","img":"https:\/\/www.xda-developers.com\/files\/2019\/09\/w_Android-10-Live-Captions-16.jpeg","date":"2019-10-01T03:12:16Z","title":"First Look at Android 10\u2019s Live Caption feature from the Google Pixel 4 - XDA Developers","source_name":"XDA Developers","content":" Besides the next-gen Google Assistant , one of the coolest new features for Android 10 that Google showed off at I\/O this year was Live Caption. Its part of Googles push to make Android more accessible for users with disabilities like hearing impairment, and what it does is transcribes audio thats playing on the device into captions that float on the screen. It works offline and with most apps that play audio on your phone, including videos and podcasts. Google demoed the feature in a pre-recorded video played at I\/O, but rather than making it immediately available like Live Transcribe, [...]","category":"Technology","keywords":"First Look; Android; Live Caption; Google Pixel; XDA Developers Besides; Google Assistant; Google; Googles; Live Transcribe; Pixel; XL; APKs; Motion Sense APK; One of the APKs; Device Personalization Services; Pixel Launcher; YouTube; Google Podcasts; Google Photos; Amazon Prime Video; Netflix; TK; OnePlus; Im"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/driving.ca\/aston-martin\/auto-news\/news\/the-best-and-worst-james-bond-car-gadgets-of-all-time\/","img":"https:\/\/postmediadriving.files.wordpress.com\/2018\/09\/gettyimages-479349821.jpg?quality=80","date":"2019-09-30T15:52:13Z","title":"The best and worst James Bond car gadgets of all time","source_name":"driving.ca","content":" A woman poses with \"Wet Nellie\" from the James Bond film \"The Spy Who Loved Me\" at the press preview for the exhibition \"Bond in Motion\" at the London Film Museum in central London on March 18, 2014.Leon Neal \/ Getty Images\nRoger Moore or Sean Connery? Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan? The Aston Martin Vanquish or the Lotus Esprit? There are many great debates to be had about all sorts of details within the James Bond film franchise.\u00a0\nWe\u2019ve already sussed out and listed the various nemeses over the years, but today we\u2019re taking a look at the extra hardware in [...]","category":"Autos","keywords":"James Bond; Wet Nellie; Spy Who Loved Me; London Film Museum; London; Leon Neal; Getty Images Roger Moore; Sean Connery; Daniel Craig; Pierce Brosnan; Aston Martin Vanquish; Lotus Esprit; Aston Martin Valhalla; Aston Martin; Goldfinger; Vantage Volante; Living Daylights; Timothy Dalton; When Bond; For Your Eyes Only; Ejector Seat; Die Another Day; Pierce; Spectre; Getty Images The Lotus Esprit; In the Spy Who Loved Me; Roger Moore; Barbara Bach; Navy; Esprit; Elon Musk; Casino Royale; Aston Martin DBS; Walther PPK"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/aibusiness.com\/what-does-a-successful-business-ai-strategy-look-like-in-2019\/","img":"https:\/\/i2.wp.com\/aibusiness.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/09\/database-schema-1895779.jpg?fit=2476%2C1732&ssl=1","date":"2019-09-30T12:27:45Z","title":"What does a successful business AI strategy look like in 2019?","source_name":"aibusiness.com","content":" With machine learning increasingly deployed in real-world business settings, we are beginning to see early iterations of AI technologies mature in the enterprise. Last week at the AI Summit San Francisco, businesses were looking to understand how to grow their AI deployments into something transformational across their organizations.\nMark Brayan\nOne of the companies looking to help others on this journey is Appen, which attended the Summit last week. Since its technology integration with the recently-acquired Figure Eight , things are changing fast for AI-powered data annotation platform.\nWe sat down with Appen CEO Mark Brayan, to explore how the integration is transforming [...]","category":"Technology","keywords":"AI; AI Summit San Francisco; Mark Brayan One of; Appen; Figure Eight; Appen CEO Mark Brayan; Mark; IP; Client Workspace; Appen Connect; ML; Assisted Video Object Tracking; As AI; European Union; Ethics Guidelines; Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence; One of the EU; YouTube"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.engadget.com\/2019\/09\/30\/the-morning-after\/","img":"https:\/\/o.aolcdn.com\/images\/dims?thumbnail=1200%2C630&quality=80&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fo.aolcdn.com%2Fimages%2Fdims%3Fresize%3D2000%252C2000%252Cshrink%26image_uri%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fs.yimg.com%252Fos%252Fcreatr-uploaded-images%252F2019-09%252F32d059d0-e368-11e9-9f9b-1ab56fa27502%26client%3Da1acac3e1b3290917d92%26signature%3D846f4434a4e9564d3ef7c69a02bfdeb80caf1774&client=amp-blogside-v2&signature=0a846d102ac8f7bb9ad0470687bbd11c2d357890","date":"2019-09-30T08:47:27Z","title":"The Morning After: A  Microsoft Flight Simulator  preview - Engadget","source_name":"Engadget","content":" Welcome back! Apple s latest iOS update is here, and the difference from .0 to .1 is bigger than you might expect. Also, Flight Simulator is making a comeback, and on Saturday, Elon Musk set the timetable for Starship test flights.\nLet s try that again. iOS 13.1 review\nAccording to Chris Velazco, \"A dark mode, helpfully redesigned apps and Voice Control add offer more flexibility out of the box, and , it s finally worth installing.\"\nThis is the series  first new entry since 2014. Microsoft  Flight Simulator  hands-on\nMicrosoft is now accepting applications for a pre-alpha Flight Simulator Insider [...]","category":"Technology","keywords":"Morning After; Microsoft Flight Simulator; Engadget Welcome; Apple; Flight Simulator; Elon Musk; Starship; Chris Velazco; Voice Control; Microsoft; Flight Simulator Insider; PC; Xbox; Jessica Conditt; Mark; SpaceX; Boca Chica; Texas; Musk; Mars; Mojang; Android; RAM"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.thestar.com\/news\/world\/us\/2019\/09\/29\/bayer-using-ai-to-improve-disease-diagnosis-drug-design.html","img":"https:\/\/images.thestar.com\/RVthEyUDmR9IgbZKgf0kGCmtLNA=\/1280x1024\/smart\/filters:cb(1569765921360)\/https:\/\/www.thestar.com\/content\/dam\/thestar\/news\/world\/us\/2019\/09\/29\/bayer-using-ai-to-improve-disease-diagnosis-drug-design\/NYBZ602-520_2019_141946.jpg","date":"2019-09-29T11:27:01Z","title":"Bayer using AI to improve disease diagnosis, drug design","source_name":"Toronto Star","content":" TRENTON, N.J. - Drugmakers have embraced artificial intelligence \u2014 using computers to analyze reams of data and then make predictions or recommendations.\nGermany\u2019s Bayer has been testing how the technology can help diagnose complex or rare conditions, hasten drug development and more.\nThe aspirin-creator has partnered with startups and other tech companies to develop software and apps to speed diagnosis and guide treatment. The company is working with hospitals, academic researchers and others to compile everything the AI software needs to \u201clearn\u201d before it analyzes a patient\u2019s condition. That includes information on disease causes, symptoms and progression, plus many past patients\u2019 test [...]","category":"World","keywords":"Bayer; AI; TRENTON; Drugmakers; Germany"},{"source_url":"https:\/\/www.inverse.com\/article\/59672-spacex-starship-update-2019","img":"https:\/\/fsmedia.imgix.net\/25\/83\/45\/6e\/3a21\/4ae9\/9f85\/4c924ba2f833\/spacex-starship-on-orange-background.png?crop=edges&fit=crop&auto=format%2Ccompress&h=600&w=1200","date":"2019-09-29T08:19:22Z","title":"SpaceX presentation: Time, livestream link, how Elon Musk got to this point - Inverse","source_name":"Inverse","content":" On Saturday night, September 28, 2019, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will update the public on the development of its Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle, which the company says is \u201ca fully, rapidly reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else in the solar system.\u201d\nBut how did we get here?\nRecent history \u2014 though SpaceX, founded in 2002, has always been working toward this \u2014 will take you back to three years ago, almost to the day.\nIn late September 2016, Musk made some actually breathtaking predictions about an \u201cinterplanetary transport [...]","category":"Technology","keywords":"SpaceX; Elon Musk; Inverse On Saturday; SpaceX CEO Elon Musk; Starship; Super Heavy; Mars; Musk; International Astronautical Congress; Guadalajara; Mexico; IAC; Adelaide; Australia; Japanese; Yusaku Maezawa; Twitter; Cameron County; Texas; On September; Making Humans; Multiplanetary Species; New York City; Tokyo; Disney World; Jupiter; Secretary of Defense; Secretary of State; Heart of Gold; Douglas Adams; Hitchhiker; Galaxy; Falcon; Falcon Heavy; Dragon; BFR; Hawthorne; California; Dear Moon; Maezawa; Maezawae the Japanese; ZOZO; Venus; Solar System; Washington"}]

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