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Boise/Maryland City Polygon Results Missing

Rapid account: Mikehe 1141
2달 전


In doing some extensive testing here, I’ve found that 2 major US cities are missing polygon data: Boise, Idaho and Baltimore, Maryland.

Balitmore is returning results for me locally (west coast) but not in our remote enviroment (east coast). I have a limit of 4 and I am only getting a point type back here.

Boise I am not getting any polygon back whatsoever, both locally and in the remote environment. Both are just returning point types.

These 2 cities are non-negotiable for our use here. I’m concerned about further issues that will bubble up as its obviously impossible to test everything. How can we resolve these moving forward?

Rapid account: Geocode Support
GeocodeSupport Commented 한 달 전

the problem with missing linked places through data updates resulting in not getting the relation with the polygon as the first result is now mitigated in our data update process. From now on you should get the requested polygon again for your city requests as the first result (as long as the upstream data has the polygon).

Rapid account: Geocode Support
GeocodeSupport Commented 2달 전

both of your examples should be mitigated as of now. We are also working on a general mitigation for this problem to get the boundary relations as geojson, but this will take approx. two weeks until it is fully mitigated.

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