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Getting status pending when hit Batch request

vor 2 Jahren

This response I’m getting when I hit batch request through localhost

MASNathan commented vor 2 Jahren

It seems that there is an issue with the caching system.

Should be patched now.

Beare in mind that the batch request may take some time depending on the number of domains requested. I suggest to use a notification url on the request, or have a cron to check the progress of a pending report.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or find that something is not working correctly let me know.

Let me know if you find any other problem.

Best Regards,

Midoucodx commented vor 2 Jahren

So you mean to say this Batch request doesn’t gives us result it always shows status pending even if I check in-case of 3 domains. So What I did I use Report Details API to get the results of domains using the ID return in case of Batch request ------ {“id”:“6ab650a4-e011-46ac-adc0-b9677558e8ac”,“status”:“pending”} .

Is It the right process ?

MASNathan commented vor 2 Jahren

Yes, if all goes well, you get an ID representing the report that you just requested with it’s status at the moment of creation (pending), you can also get some error if something goes wrong.

That ID should be stored on your end, so later on you can use it to get the report, with all the details for the domains you requested. This reports may need some time to be processed.

The speed of the report processing will be tied to the workload on queue, sometimes it can take a few seconds (if the number of requested domains is low), other times can take several minutes.

Midoucodx commented vor 2 Jahren

Perfect I had same flow in my mind but one more thing when I get ID with pending status and right after that I request REPORT API so incase it takes time as you said some time report take time So it gives some kind of error or it still getting data ?

MASNathan commented vor 2 Jahren

If you request the Report API it will return pending if the report is still being processing. If you request again later (once the processing is done) it will return a status success, failed, or canceled (if for some reason it returns failed or canceled you should request a new batch report with the same data), if the status is success you’ll get the details

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