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vor 6 Monaten

Hello guys this is Mohammad

How to make email:

1 - Get all domains in rapid "@mailkept.com","@promail1.net","@rcmails.com","@relxv.com","@folllo.com","@fortuna7.com","@invecra.com","@linodg.com","@awiners.com","@subcaro.com"

like this

2 - select a random name and use email prefix like this : test@mailkept.com or @promail1.net and…

3 - then goto a site for text to md5

4 - after that enter test@mailkept.com or @promail1.net and… or some email you selected

5 - we get a md5 code like this : d31c2fba90893b7d7d18dbf2f35ad5f6

6 - then goto get emails and place this md5 code in last input and use endpoint if don’t have make a js or python or somewhere you can make request and use this api

sorry for bad english

and if you have any question just leave a comment maybe i see that and answer you

love you 😃

luizwurlitzer-M12IxadLp- commented vor 6 Monaten

Hi guys, i was facing the same problem. In my case i was using some Up case caracters while passing to the text/md5 converter, just use some .lower() function on email string.

mrafieefard commented vor 6 Monaten

Just Wait 10 sec
but check somthing

1 - sure about your email id (email’s md5)

2 - make sure that service or site send message to unknown emails prefix known email like …@google.com , …@yahoo.com and …

dstainhauser commented vor 6 Monaten

I’m exactly doing it that way, but most of the times I get “There are no emails yet” within 60s after sending the email. How long are you waiting to fetch the email after you have sent it?

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