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Batch Results by Location for Neighborhood Boundaries?

Is there an endpoint to retrieve batch results of neighborhood boundaries with a list of Lat, Lng? I recieve:
414 Request-URI Too Large

when looping through Lat, Lng points in dataframe in “Query by Location” using this code:

url = “

lat = df[“Lat”]
lng = df[“Long”]
querystring = {“longitude”:lat,“latitude”:lng}

headers = {
‘x-rapidapi-host’: “”,
‘x-rapidapi-key’: “my-key”

response = requests.request(“GET”, url, headers=headers, params=querystring)


Rapid account: Vanity Soft
VanitySoft Commented a year ago

We follow the best practice with limiting URL Length, which means a URL should never be longer than 2,048 character.

What is your latitude, and longitude parameter value used when you receive a HTTP 414 error? you should probably truncate the values to a significant digit
for example:

and not something like which may results in the 414 error of URL limit.

	we don't have a 'batch' result API endpoint, but it seems you can use the API but make sure its not to long that breaks the 2048 URL limit constraint.

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