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401 Unauthorized

vor 7 Monaten

Hello, I get this error when trying to test the endpoint:

"message":“src property must be a valid json object”

I tried to get a new key here https://rawg.io/apidocs, but with the new key I get ‘too many requests error’

Thanks in advance!

accujazz commented vor 7 Monaten

Hi! You need to sign your requests with the API key that you obtained from the RAWG website. Please, check your profile at RAWG to see if you have exceeded the number of requests per month that is available on the free plan. You find the requests counter at https://rawg.io/@your_username/apikey which is accessible via the Get an API key menu item under the three dots menu in top right.

DenysPavlenko commented vor 7 Monaten

Thank you for the answer.
I’ve already done it. I have 20000 requests left.
I receive 2 errors with subsequent requests:
403 (Forbidden)
429 (Too Many Requests)

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