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GS1Parser API

GET / parse

Parses and returns detailed information about submitted machine- or human-readable GS1 logistics barcode data.
Machine-readable data is raw data as it is provided by a scanner, while human-readable data is the data as it usually appears under or around the GS1 barcode, with the application identifier separated by brackets.

An example of raw data returned by a scanner for a GS1-128 barcode.

An example of the same data as it is displayed in human-readable format.

The parser not only separates out the different data items, called application identifiers (AI), but also checks and validates each of them individually and in the context of the submitted data, according to the GS1 General Specifications (GenSpec). The GenSpec (currently version 20.0), contains format and content rules for AIs individually (Section 3, GS1 Application Identifier definitions), as well as association rules that define the allowable context in which these AIs may appear (Section 4.14, Data relationships), which form the foundation of this API.

The API returns a collection of AI data objects with a varying degree of detail depending on the subscription chosen. For the time being, the full service level is provided, including all parsed, interpreted and validated content, metadata and context validation.

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