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Premature "finished" status sent for fixture 855763 (Tunisia vs France)

vor 2 Monaten

During the Tunisia vs. France fixture (855763) the API sent “FT” (Match Finished) status when it was still 1:1, however the goal was later taken away from France resulting in 1:0, and only then the fixture was officially finished. Unfortunately, there are triggers that are reacting on a finished game status and the score calculations were done for many players based on the wrong result…

What was the reason behind this incident, and how could you ensure us that it won’t happen again?

So far it is the second strike just under the WC for Football API…

bencesz commented vor 2 Monaten

@api-sports Thank you for the reply.

It is indeed unfortunate and needs to be treated as an edge-case scenario. That needs some work on our side then to prepare for such incident in the future.

Strike removed 😉

api-sports commented vor 2 Monaten


The API followed the classic way of working, because the goal was removed once the match was over. Indeed the Goal was scored a few seconds before the end, then the referee whistled the end of the match (so FT status) however after the end of the match they called the VAR and removed the goal and the score has been updated.


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