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Best APIs for SMS or Voice Verification (2FA).

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Phone Verification APIs

About phone verification APIs

Over the years, businesses have relied on email verification to prove ownership of a new account. However, email verification alone does not provide the needed security to verify account ownership and prevent fraud. Therefore, in conjunction with Google, developers have created automated Application Programming Interfaces that require phone number verification to validate new account ownership.

Phone verification APIs are increasingly used by businesses that require a higher level of security. Phone number verification APIs generally make the sign-up and sign-in process friction-free for both users and the website or business owners.

What are phone verification APIs?

These APIs are applications that deliver a patented phone-based verification and 2FA authentication featuring a voice and SMS using a one-time code. A user chooses whether they will receive the code through a voice call or via SMS, and in a timed session, they then send this back to verify they are real, and the account is authentic.

How phone number verification API works

Here is how a phone number verification API works:

  • When a new user starts setting up an account with a website or a business profile, they will be prompted to provide their mobile phone number.
  • The owner of the phone receives a time-sensitive code via SMS.
  • The user inputs this code back in the provided field of the application to prove their identity, and they are in.

These codes are typically timed so that if the phone number does not belong to the users, it times out. The code can still be read to people using landlines in an automated voice through a call. But since most phones can receive text messages universally, the codes are sent to users via SMS unless otherwise noted.

Who is the API for exactly?

These APIs are for any business and website that want to increase their account registration security and curb fraudsters. These APIs are mostly used by application developers, business websites, and payment processors who want to ensure secure lead verifications, transactions, and avoid spammers. Top companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have incorporated phone number verification in their sign-up and sign-in processes.

Why is the API important?

There are several reasons why Phone verification APIs are important. They include the following:

  • They help in fighting spammers and fraudsters because most times, they will not provide their phone numbers.
  • They allow users to have a global reach with billions of smartphone users worldwide.
  • They provide ease of use during registration for both website owners and customers.
  • They provide ease of customization as users can always include their own branding messages in the text with an SMS verification API.

What you can expect from these APIs ?

These verification APIs give users the ability to integrate voice and SMS messages and end-to-end handling of phone numbers, building a database. It provides a communication link, and with SMS verification API, users can reach out to their customers after the sign-up with personalized messages to promote the relationship.

Are there examples of these APIs that are free?

Some examples of free phone authentication services include Neximo Verify, Veriphone, Global Telephone, MoceanAPI, and BotDelive. Some of the free phone authentication services are freemiums, while others are completely free.

Best 2FA Verification APIs

The best phone verification APIs for voice or SMS are:

  1. TeleSign
  2. Nexmo
  3. Twilio

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Phone Verification API SDKs

All phone verification APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

Just select your preference from any API endpoints page.

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