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Locate your users with this high-performance REST API by Fastah. Use it for geo-targeting, displaying country or city-specific pages, spam avoidance, analytics, time-zone related scheduling, and visualization.

The underlying dataset has strong mobile coverage worldwide.

For proactive support, please contact us at support@getfastah.com.


  • IDENTIFY CITIES- Provides latitude-longitude to initialise your map interface, or city names for your moble and web app

  • IPv6 for MOBILE and IoT - Are your users largely coming from mobile or IoT devices? We map the IPv6 landscape comprehensively.

  • UPDATED WEEKLY - Datasets are updated weekly with expanded coverage on Asia’s fast-growing 4G LTE networks.

  • MOBILE and WEB UI READY - Build web pages or app screens with ease; our APIs support CORS for modern browser apps.

  • INTERNATIONAL READY - We bring you sensible place names, so that language localization works out-of-the-box for your app or site visitors.

  • QUALITY SUPPORT - Are we missing your use case? Friendly support available at support@getfastah.com, or message us via the RapidAPI portal.

Better than MaxMind*

  • Triangulate the location of 50 million IPs in Asia’s mobile economy

  • First-party data sources: Fastah stands by the underlying data-sets as we crowd-source this information ourselves.

  • Fast-moving coverage: Our data collection speed keeps up with emerging Asia’s rapidly evolving 4G LTE landscape and fibre-broadband infrastructure

Use cases

  • Personalise mobile or web apps with city-level information or customized content.

  • Customize a shopping site with products that match a city, state or country

  • IP based city identification for segmentation and fraud detection

*Fastah is trademark of Blackbuck Computing Inc. MaxMind is trademark of MaxMind Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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