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Monthly Character limit

vor 7 Monaten

What happen if I exceed the number of characters in Pro Plan that is more than 15000000 characters/month.Will I get error after that or i will be charged accordingly.

And One more thing,What if after Pro plan I wanted to shift on Ultra plan.Will I be shifted smothly or my users will suffer from errors.

sibaridev commented vor 6 Monaten

Hi !,

We developed a NEW RAPID MULTI TRANSLATE API that allow you translate multi texts in one fast query, wish help you improve response time and your service quality.

Request Example : [
	"Translate API",
	"Rapid Translate Multi Traduction"
Response Example : [
	"ما هى",
	"ترجمة API",
	"ترجمة سريعة متعددة Traduction"

We strive to give you the best, fast and cheaper results.

Thank you,

gofitech commented vor 7 Monaten

Hi audiobookconverter,

We can make any Private Plan that suits your needs.
Regarding payment issues, please contact
I’m sure they’ll come up with a pretty quick solution.


LectoSupport commented vor 7 Monaten

If you are having payment issues with RapidAPI, you would usually have to contact RapidAPI Support as API providers here cannot help with payment issues. In our experience, issues with RBI are usually due to the 3D Secure payment required for Indian credit cards, but again RapidAPI Support would have to help you out.

As an alternative, you can subscribe to our Lecto Translation API service on our website We provide a fast Translation API at reasonable prices, and since the payment is handled by us directly, we can help you out with any payment issues you may be having.

We are also active on RapidAPI

You can email us at to discuss further.


Lecto AI Team
Telegram: @lectoai

audiobookconverter commented vor 7 Monaten

Also We want to increase our concurrent request only to a specific number can we discuss that in private.

audiobookconverter commented vor 7 Monaten

We are trying to subscribe to the Pro Plan with our credit card and it shows Subscription Successfull,but after that we have recieved a message of Payment declined,
Due to our RBI guidelines,we have to pay directly at the merchant website/app using our card.
So what We are gonna do about that.

gofitech commented vor 7 Monaten


you will continue to use the API for an additional $0.00001 for every 1 overage character.
Upgrading or downgrading the Subscription Plan will not experience downtime.


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