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Need to clarify for character limit

Rapid account: Pmohil 138
2 years ago


Right now when i try to convert more than 1000 character in json then it shows me error that please pass less than 1000 character so i have question that it is 1000 character limit in one request is only in basic plan or in every subscription plan?

Rapid account: Heapsolprojects
heapsolprojects Commented 8 months ago

These MF Over Charge my Credit Card. They Charge me 101$ instead of 10$. When i ask for refund they block my API Access. The Worst Part is Rapid Api team is not replying me and helping me on this manner. SO i am canceling my subscription so they cannot SCAM me Again. DONT USE THIS API SERVICE. THEY ARE ROBBERS.

Rapid account: Sibaridev
sibaridev Commented 2 years ago

Hi !,

We developed a NEW RAPID MULTI TRANSLATE API that allow you translate multi texts in one fast query, wish help you improve response time and your service quality.

Request Example : [
	"Translate API",
	"Rapid Translate Multi Traduction"
Response Example : [
	"ما هى",
	"ترجمة API",
	"ترجمة سريعة متعددة Traduction"

We strive to give you the best, fast and cheaper results.

Thank you,

Rapid account: Gofitech
gofitech Commented 2 years ago


Please contact us from private message or email to to discuss more about Private Plan.


Rapid account: Pmohil 138
pmohil138 Commented 2 years ago


Yes actually i need to use this package in my mobile app but there is huge data comes from the API in json and it is uncountable which i need to translate. so is there possible that unlimited characters we can convert through json in one request or if no then maximum how much characters we can convert in one request in the custom private plan. and yes please provide your custom private plan pricing so we can take decision based on that.

Thanks and regards,
Mohil Patel.

Rapid account: Gofitech
gofitech Commented 2 years ago


Characters limitation for each request in Basic Plan is 1000 characters, while in any Paid Plan is up to 5000 Characters.
If you need more than 5000 characters per request, you can contact Us to talk about Custom Private Plan that suits your needs.


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