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Occurrences for the charts

vor 2 Jahren

The occurrences for the charts what do they stand for? i can imagine they are the number of play of a song among all the radio stations, but i saw top song last 7 days number of occurrences 68 but if they are the number of play among 30k radio stations it seems too low to me, i mean, i have a famous radio station that play the same song 2-3 times per day and is a single radio station, so, what do they stand for?

riciric83 commented vor 2 Jahren

got it thanks

maxime.maisonneuve commented vor 2 Jahren

Hi, occurrences are the number of play of a song on our Radio mobile app used by thousands of users. When a song metadata is detected, we record it. We work on some auto-detection implementation for a future version. Thanks ! Best regards, Maxime

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