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What is similarity score?
It is a score between 0-1 generated based on string similarity. The source code is located at

How do I write this in a different computer language?
Please see the rapid api testing interface, the dropdown has multiple languages available.

I’m getting an error?
If it’s a 400 error, you are using the wrong request body values, see the api requirements for text, language, strength, etc. It’s recommended you utilize PostMan for your request testing.

Why is the success rate so low?
Success rate is 97%, however many users have sent incorrect requests numerous times, each time with it failing due to the wrong request parameters which makes the error rate appear higher than what it is (3%).

Why does the rapid api test interface not return rewritten text?
Rapid API’s test interface doesn’t send a real request, it is only a test. Only mock data is returned

I’m having trouble setting up my API?
Make sure you have the proper headers, you need to set two different headers for rapid api, the host and the key.

How many words / calls / characters do I have?
Each request has a maximum of 10,000 characters. Typically 1,000 characters is 200-400 words, so a max request can be 2,000-4,000 words.

I have many requests to make and many characters to rewrite, what plan is best?
Plans are priced with the expectation that you will use the overage pricing. Please choose your plan pricing based on the overage cost, the bulk pricing is much more affordable for bulk request usage.

How to use with postman to test this API
(make sure you have postman downloaded from )

  1. Set endpoint and type POST
  2. set header key x-rapidapi-host to AND header key x-rapidapi-key to
  3. set body to something that resembles the following:
    { "text": "lets rewrite this stuff!", "language": "en", "strength": 3 }
  4. Set body type to raw JSON from dropdown menu (typically starts as text)
  5. Click send
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