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This unique service supplies minute to minute in play outcomes analysis for major football, basketball and hockey events

The Sport Outcomes API is the first of its kind in providing real time in play analytics based around past performances.
This API has something for every minute of every match while the outcome is still in the balance.
It focuses solely on the ability of teams and players to respond to various situations that arise in a match, taking account of both remaining time and the current status of play.
Examples of these include

  1. What a team has done historically when one goal down with 10 minutes to play
  2. How a team has fared subsequently in a game having conceded the first score and with 60 minutes remaining
  3. How a team has fared historically when falling to a ten point deficit (basketball) during the course of a game and with just one period remaining
  4. While a game is still scoreless, which of the teams historically has the best record of breaking the deadlock in the time remaining

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